The Activity panel shows the history of all activity in a queue, which allows you to easily review changes made by you and other collaborators.

Video Overview

View Queue Activity

To view all activity in a queue first click the Queue Info button to open the right-side panel.

Then click the Activity tab.

The most recent actions are shown at the top.

NOTE: Activity tracking launched on July 25, 2017, so you will not see any activity before that date.

View Task Activity

To view activity for a specific task click on the more menu for the task and choose Activity from the dropdown menu.

The complete history of activity for the task will be shown in the right panel.

If you switch the current task the Activity panel will update to show the activity for the new current task.

Filter Activity

You can filter the actions shown in the panel by clicking the arrow in the Activity tab.

The filter menu will appear.

Choose the desired type of activity from the menu.

Click Apply Filter to show only those actions for the queue or task.

The current filter is listed at the end of the history.

You can change the filter at any time, or switch back to show all activity.

The filter only remains active for your current session, and resets to show all activity the next time you open GQueues.

Activity Details

Actions are grouped by date to make it easy to see when changes occurred.

To view details about the person who initiated an action hover your mouse over their profile image.

You can also click on tasks, tags and attachments in the Activity panel for quick access.