The assignments feature allows you to assign any task to a user (or multiple users). The task then shows up in their Assignments Smart Queue where they can add comments and mark it complete. You can see when the assignment is complete and decide when to mark the overall task complete. Adjustable notifications keep you informed about assignments and their status.

NOTE: All users can view, comment on, and complete tasks assigned to them by another user, but a person must have a paid GQueues subscription in order to assign a task to someone else.

Assigning a Task

To assign a task to a someone click the assignments icon and type the email address of the person you want to assign the task.

The dropdown menu shows people you've assigned tasks to in the past. If the person has set their display name, that name will appear in the dropdown and on the assignment itself.

This task is now assigned to Mark and will show up in his Assignments Smart Queue. (He only sees this task, and nothing else in the Spring Fundraiser queue.)

Mark will get a notification alerting him of the new assignment (see Setting Notifications for more details). If Mark has never used GQueues before, he will get an email inviting him to login for the first time and view his assignment.

You can also assign more than one person to a task if it needs extra help.

Viewing Assignment Status

When a person marks an assignment complete you will see that reflected in the original task.

As the creator of the task, you always get to decide when the task is actually finished and mark it complete.

Deleting an Assignment

You can un-assign a person from a task by hovering your mouse over their name and clicking the delete button. The task will no longer appear in the person's Assignments Smart Queue.

Viewing Tasks Assigned to You

To view tasks assigned to you click on the Assignments queue.

Here you can read the description and notes of the task, but you cannot edit this text. You can also see who else is assigned to the task and read their comments.

Mark's Assignments queue.

Assignments on Your Calendar

If you have activated calendar integration, tasks with dates assigned to you will show up on your calendar with an arrow ➔ prefix.

Changes made to assignments directly in Google Calendar will NOT sync back to the assignment. Only the person who assigned the task can change its properties. Any changes you make to assignments in the calendar will be reverted to their original values the next time you view your Assignments queue.

When you mark an assignment complete it will show up as completed on your calendar. Once the assignment owner marks the entire task complete it will no longer appear on your calendar.

Commenting on an Assignment

To add a comment to an assignment click the Comments button and type the message in the Comments panel.

The owner of the task will be notified of your comment and can respond.

Completing an Assignment

You mark assignments complete just like any other task, by clicking the black checkmark.

Re-opening an Assignment

If you marked an assignment complete by mistake and need to re-open it you can go to the Archived tab in your Assignments Smart Queue and click the checkmark. However, once a task's owner marks the task complete it will no longer appear in your completed assignments.

Removing Yourself from an Assignment

If someone assigns you a task, you have the right to "reject" the assignment by removing yourself from the task.

Simply click the delete button on the task in your Assignments Smart Queue and it will take you off the task. (Note: it does not delete the task itself - only the owner can do that. It just takes your name off the task.)

If you want to prevent a person from ever assigning you a task again see Blocking People from Assigning you Tasks.

Setting your Display Name

To set your display name go to the Assignments tab in Settings and type your name.

This name is displayed to others when they assign a task to you, and also appears in their dropdown menu for assigning tasks. If you leave your display name blank then only your email address will appear to others.

NOTE: A person must first know your email address to assign a task to you. GQueues does not disclose your email address to others.

Blocking People from Assigning you Tasks

You have full control over deciding who can assign you tasks.

There are two options for your authorization settings:

  1. Allow anyone to assign tasks to you except those email addresses you explicitly block (this is often referred to as a blacklist).

  2. Block everyone from assigning tasks to you except those email addresses you explicitly allow (this is often referred to as a whitelist).

Initially your account allows anyone to assign you tasks (provided they know your email address).

In the Assignments tab of Settings select the method you prefer and enter the email addresses as necessary. Be sure to save your settings. You can change them at anytime.



If a person tries to assign you a task and they are not authorized they receive a message explaining the situation.

Setting Notifications

GQueues sends you notifications about assignments to help you keep on top of things. To choose the types of notifications you wish to receive, go to the Notifications tab in GQueues Settings and make your selections.

Removing People from the Menu

You can remove users from the Assignments dropdown menu by going to the Assignments tab in Settings and clicking delete from menu next to the user you wish to remove. (This is helpful if you mis-typed a user's email address).

This will NOT remove the user from any tasks that you assigned to them. It only removes them from the menu. Assigning a new task to the user will re-add them to the menu.