Create Tasks Bookmarklet

You can create tasks from Gmail or any website with the bookmarklet for GQueues. The task description is set to the web page title and the notes contains a link to the page.

Add the Bookmarklet

In GQueues go to Settings, click on the Create GQueues Task link and drag it to your bookmark toolbar (or you can right-click on it and Add to Favorites or Bookmarks).

The bookmarklet is now part of the toolbar in your browser.

NOTE: You should not add this bookmark to a browser on a public computer, as anyone who clicks it will be able to create tasks for your account.

Create Tasks

In Gmail, or on any page, click the bookmark in your toolbar. A Create Task window will appear on the web page.

The description is set to the title of the page (or email), but you can modify it if you want, and even type a date for the task just like the Quick Add feature.

A link to the current website will be added to the notes of the task automatically. You can type extra notes if you want.

The default queue is your Inbox, but you can select a different queue if you prefer.

Click Create Task and it will be added to the queue.


The bookmarklet uses your Private Key internally for authorization when creating new tasks. If the bookmarklet ends up in a browser where it shouldn't be you can reset your private key and any bookmarklets you've added will be disabled. You must then re-add the bookmarklet to your browser to start using it again.