When you first login to GQueues you are given a couple of categories to get you started (Home and Work). Feel free to rename these, delete them, or add more categories.

Add a Category

Choose Add Category from the menu to create a new category and give it a name.

Expand / Collapse

Click the arrow button to expand a category and view the queues it contains. Click it again to collapse the category.

Reorder Categories

Click and drag the category name to change its order.

Rename, Delete and Add a Queue

Hover your mouse over a category and click on the menu button to Rename a category, Delete a category, or Add a Queue to a category.

Print Queues

You can print all the queues in a category by choosing Print queues from the menu.

Print Queue Names

You can print a list of all the queue names in a category by choosing Print queue names from the menu.

Alphabetize Queues

You can sort all the queue in a category alphabetically by choosing Alphabetize queues from the menu.