Chrome Extension

If you use the Chrome web browser, you can install the GQueues Chrome Extension so you can easily create tasks without having to open up GQueues itself. It's a great way to capture tasks that pop into your head or create tasks from web pages you are visiting.

Video Overview

Install the Extension

The GQueues Chrome Extension is available only for GQueues users with a paid subscription or free trial account.

Click the button below to install the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

When prompted, click Add.

The first time you open the extension you will need to connect it to your GQueues account. Click the button and sign in to the desired account.

Create Tasks

Click the GQueues icon in Chrome to open up the Create Task window.

If you click the From web page checkbox the title of the current web page will be copied into the task description, and a link to the page will be inserted into the task notes.

Add the necessary information for the task and click the Create Task button.

SHORTCUT: When typing the description, hitting the Enter key will create the task without having to click the button.

The task creation is confirmed.

SHORTCUT: To create a new task from the confirmation window you can type i. To close the window you can type Enter.

Configure Options

To configure the extension options, right-click on the icon and choose Options.

Here you can set the default queue for new tasks or disconnect your account if needed.

Check the Use web page... box to have the current web page title used as the task description by default.

Use with Multiple Accounts

The GQueues Chrome Extension can only be linked to one GQueues account at a time.

If you have multiple GQueues accounts, you may wish to use the extension with each account.

To handle this situation you can setup Chrome Profiles, which will allow you to install the extension for each account.

With Chrome Profiles you get a completely separate browsing environment for each user you add. Extensions, bookmarks, logins, settings and browsing history are maintained separately for each user, making it easy to login to multiple accounts at once without collisions.

Once you have separate profiles for each of your accounts, you can install the extension on each profile and it will link to the correct GQueues account.

Open with a Keyboard Shortcut

You can configure the GQueues Chrome Extension so it is triggered to open with a keyboard shortcut of your choice.

To setup a keyboard shortcut:

1. Go to the following address in your Chrome browser: chrome://extensions/shortcuts

2. Scroll to the GQueues extension and type in the desired keyboard shortcut.

3. Now when browsing the web simply type your keyboard shortcut to bring up the extension. Type your task description and press enter to create it.

4. From the confirmation window, you can either press enter again to close it, or type i to insert a new task.

This makes it super easy to dump all the tasks from your brain into your GQueues Inbox to sort and manage later.