Comments allow you to have a focused conversation with others around a particular task. Collaboration is easier when you can discuss the work at hand and have it automatically tracked and organized with the task to accomplish.

Video Overview

Add a Comment

To add a comment, click the comment icon on the desired task.

The comments panel will open. Type in the box at the bottom of the panel and click the Comment button.

You can also type shift-enter to save your comment.

View Comments

Tasks that have comments display the comment icon along with the number of comments.

To view comments for the task click the comment icon and the comments panel will open. Comments are shown with the most recent comment at the bottom

If you leave the Comments panel open, then Comments will be displayed for the current task.

You can view details about the person who wrote a comment by hovering your mouse over their picture. To video chat with a person click the Start a Hangout button.

Edit a Comment

You can edit comments you write by clicking the menu to the right of the comment and choosing Edit comment.

Type shift-enter or click outside of the comment to save the changes.

NOTE: You cannot edit other people's comments.

Delete a Comment

You can delete your own comments by clicking the menu to the right of the comment and choosing Delete comment.

NOTE: You cannot delete other people's comments.


By default you are notified when people comment on tasks in shared queues and assigned tasks.

Notifications are sent via email and web alerts.

Read the Notifications Help Doc for complete details.

When you receive an email notification, you can reply directly to the email.

Your reply will be added as a comment to the task automatically. Others will also be notified of your reply.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Type v and then c to view the comments panel (type again to close it)

Type w to write a comment for the current task

Type esc while writing a comment to cancel and close the comments panel

Resize Panel

You can resize the panel by clicking and dragging the separator bar.