Export / Import

Your data in GQueues is stored securely on Google servers so data loss should not be a concern. However, if you want to backup your queues to a file locally you can do so with the export feature.

Export your Queues

To export your queues (everything in My Queues and your Inbox) go to the Import / Export tab in Settings.

Click Export to CSV and wait for the file to be generated.

Click Download CSV and choose where you want to save the file.

Your queues are now saved to a CSV file which you can use to import back into GQueues if ever needed.

You can also view the data in the CSV file by opening it in a spreadsheet program such as Google Docs or Microsoft Excel.

NOTE: Opening the file as a spreadsheet may cause formatting changes to the data which will prevent it from being used to import your queues back into GQueues. It is recommended you make a copy of the file before opening it as a spreadsheet.

Export Single Queue

You can export a single queue to a CSV file by going to the queue's menu and choosing Export.

The exported file shows the queue in a simplified format that should be easier for you to read, but cannot be used to import back into GQueues.

Import Queues from a Backup

To import queues back into GQueues click Browse... to locate the file and click the Import button.

The categories, queues, and items in the file will be added to your GQueues account.

The imported data will NOT replace any existing data already in the account.

Import from Google Tasks

If you used Google Tasks in the past you can import your data from Google Tasks into GQueues.

NOTE: This is a one-time import of your Google Tasks data. GQueues does NOT sync back and forth with Google Tasks since Google Tasks lacks so many features available in GQueues such as due times, tags, reminders, repeating tasks and assignments.

To import from Google Tasks go to GQueues Settings -> Import / Export and click Import from Google Tasks.

You will be prompted to allow GQueues to view the data in your Google Tasks account.

Click Accept to continue.

GQueues will import all the lists and tasks from Google Tasks, including your completed tasks.

Your imported lists and tasks will appear in a category named Google Tasks Import.

You can move these queues to other categories and re-organize as desired.