Google Calendar Gadget

Warning: The Google Calendar Gadget has been DEPRECATED.
The new Google Calendar design does not support gadgets. If you have upgraded to the new Google Calendar, you should install the GQueues for Google Calendar Chrome Extension.

You can add the GQueues Gadget to Google Calendar for quick access to your lists. View overdue and upcoming items at a glance and mark them complete right from the gadget.

Add the Gadget to Google Calendar

In GQueues go the Settings and click on the Google Calendar Gadget link in the Calendar tab.

Your calendar will open in a new window prompting you to add the gadget. Click Yes, add this gadget.

The GQueues gadget now appears on your Google Calendar. Read Gadget Setup to finish the process.

Gadget Setup

Once you have added a gadget you must authorize it to access your GQueues account. To do so, in GQueues go to Settings and copy the the Private Key.

Go back to your gadget, paste the key into the box and click Save.

That's it! Now your gadget will show your tasks and you won't have to repeat the setup process unless you reset your private key.

Private Key

Your Private Key is a unique set of characters and numbers that is tied to your GQueues account. The GQueues gadgets use this key to properly identify your account and pull down your tasks.

This key is meant to be kept private. If you give it to a friend, they can use it in a GQueues gadget to view your tasks and mark them complete.

If someone else gets access to your key that should not have it, you can protect your data by resetting the key.

This will disable all gadgets for your account and the new key must be entered to activate them again.

Gmail Gadget

The GQueues Gmail Gadget is no longer available for new installations.

It has been replaced with the new GQueues for Gmail Chrome Extension.