Google Login

Logging In

To access GQueues sign in with your Google email address ( and password.

GQueues uses Google's secure authentication system built on the OAuth 2.0 protocol. This allows you to securely sign in to GQueues without giving GQueues access to your Google credentials.

GQueues does NOT have access to your Google Account password. To update your password or any other info in your Google Account go to

Steps to login to GQueues:

1. On the home page, click the Sign In button.

2. You are taken to a Google Sign In page where you can enter your Gmail address and password and click Sign In.

3. You are then redirected back to GQueues and signed in with your Google Account.

Install GQueues on your Google Account

Installing GQueues on your Google Account is FREE and highly recommended.

Click this button to start the installation.

Once installed, GQueues will appear in your Apps menu giving you quick access to GQueues from other Google products such as Gmail, Drive and Calendar.

(It can take around 15 minutes after initial installation before it first appears.)

Uninstall GQueues from your Google Account

Follow the steps below to uninstall GQueues from your Google Account.

This will NOT delete your GQueues account or any of your data, it just removes GQueues from your Google Account so it no longer shows up in the Apps menu.

1. Click on the Apps menu, scroll to the very bottom and click on More from Apps Marketplace

2. In the window that appears, click on Manage your Apps

3. Click the Manage button and choose Remove from the menu