Keyboard Shortcuts

There are a number of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to manage your tasks in GQueues very efficiently.

Video Overview

Current Task

The current task in GQueues is marked by a black dot to the left of the task.

Typing the following keys will operate on the current task.

  • e - edit task description
  • n - notes (add / edit)
  • shift-n - notes (expand / collapse)
  • t - tag (add)
  • c - cross off / uncross task (depends on checkmark action)
  • shift-c - complete and archive task
  • s - subtask (add)
  • x - expand / collapse subtasks
  • d - date (add / edit)
  • a - assign task
  • w - write comment
  • u - show attachments menu
  • u then f - select attachment from Drive
  • u then d - create and attach Google Docs
  • u then s - create and attach Google Sheets
  • u then p - create and attach Google Slides
  • ctrl-shift-d - move task to Trash
  • i - insert new task below current task
  • shift-i - insert new task above current task
  • o - insert new task at bottom of queue or subtasks
  • shift-o - insert new task at top of queue or subtasks
  • 1-9 - move task to corresponding position
  • shift 1-9 - move task to position without scrolling
  • 0 - (zero) move task to the end
  • g then o - go to task overview
  • : - get link to current task

Editing Tasks

When editing the description of the current task:

  • tab - edit the next task's description
  • shift-tab - edit the previous task's description

Hitting tab when editing the last task in the queue will create a new task.
Hitting shift-tab when editing the first task in the queue will create a new task.

When typing a task description or note, hit the enter key to "save" the text you just typed. This will also allow you to use the current task keystrokes again.

To start a new line within the description or note, type shift-enter.

Moving Tasks

These shortcuts allow you to move the current task or a copy of the current task to a new queue:

  • m then l - move task to queue
  • shift M then L - move copy of task to queue

When the Move task or Copy task bar appears, start typing the name of the destination to filter the list and hit enter to select it.

You can also use the tab key or arrow keys to select an option from the list.

Task Navigation

Use the following shortcuts to change which task is the current task:

Arrow keys

  • down arrow - next task
  • up arrow - previous task

  • shift right arrow - indent current task (make subtask)
  • shift left arrow - un-indent current task (make supertask)
  • shift up arrow - move current task up one position
  • shift down arrow - move current task down one position

Alternative - (For those who like Vim keystrokes)

  • j - next task
  • k - previous task

  • shift-l - indent current task (make subtask)
  • shift-h - un-indent current task (make supertask)
  • shift-j - move current task down one position
  • shift-k - move current task up one position

All Tasks

Typing the period key and then typing the corresponding letter key will operate on all tasks in the current queue.

  • . then n - expand / collapse all notes
  • . then t - expand / collapse all tags
  • . then x - expand / collapse all subtasks
  • . then a - expand / collapse all assignments
  • . then u - expand / collapse all attachments
  • . then d - show / hide date created
  • . then e - expand / collapse everything (notes, tags, subtasks, assignments)

Queue Panel

  • m then q - make a new queue
  • m then c - make a new category
  • m then s - share current queue
  • . then q - expand / collapse all categories in My Queues
  • . then s - expand / collapse all folders in Shared with me

Queue Navigation

Use the shortcuts below to bring up the Go to navigation bar.

Start typing the name of your destination to filter the list and hit enter to select it.

You can also use the tab key or arrow keys to select an option from the list.

If you hit shift-enter it will go to the queue and show the Archived tasks instead of the Active ones.

  • g then l - go to list (queue, smart queue, shared queue or tag)
  • g then q - go to queue
  • g then s - go to smart queue
  • g then f - go to shared queue
  • g then t - go to tag
  • g then i - go to inbox
  • g then h - go to trash (heap)
  • g then d - go to default queue
  • g then o - go to task overview for current task
  • g then u - go up to parent (in task overview)
  • g then c - go to containing view (in task overview)
  • g then b - go back (like browser back button)
  • g then n - go next (like browser forward button)
  • g then a - go to active tasks of current queue
  • g then r - go to archived tasks of current queue

Open in New Window

To open a queue in a new browser window hold down the shift key when you click on the queue name.

This works when clicking on queues, smart queues, shared queues, tags, and even the Active and Archived buttons.

If you hold down the control key (command key on a Mac) and click it will open the queue in a new tab instead of an entirely new window.

Calendar Shortcuts

The following shortcuts can be used while the calendar pop-up window is visible.

  • c - clear date / time / reminder
  • shift-enter - save and close
  • esc - cancel all changes and close
  • tab - make the next field active
  • shift-tab - make the previous field active
  • enter - show / hide menu for active field
  • down arrow - highlight next menu item (when menu is visible)
  • up arrow - highlight previous menu item (when menu is visible)

The following shortcuts work when the pop-up window first opens and no field is active:

  • a - toggle time on / off
  • g - increase time by 1 hour
  • f - decrease time by 1 hour
  • d - increase time by 5 minutes
  • s - decrease time by 5 minutes
  • m - increase duration
  • n - decrease duration
  • r - toggle reminder on / off
  • e - change reminder type
  • w - increase reminder amount
  • q - decrease reminder amount
  • t - set date to today
  • right arrow - next day
  • left arrow - previous day

  • down arrow - next week
  • up arrow - previous week

  • shift down arrow - next month
  • shift up arrow - previous month

Calendar Alternative - (For those who like Vim keystrokes)

  • l - next day
  • h - previous day

  • j - next week
  • k - previous week

  • shift-j - next month
  • shift-k - previous month

Task Dates

Use the shortcuts below to push the current task to a certain date without having to open the calendar pop-up window.

For tasks with a due date already set, only the date is changed - the time, reminder and duration remain unchanged.

NOTE: These shortcuts will NOT work with repeating tasks.

  • p then t - push task to today
  • p then 1 - push task to one day from now
  • p then 2 - push task to two days from now
  • p then 3 - push task to three days from now
  • etc....
  • p then w - push task to one week from now


  • p then q - print current queue
  • q - quick add
  • r - refresh current queue
  • f - fullscreen for current queue (toggles on/off)
  • / - search
  • v then c - view task comments
  • v then a - view task activity
  • v then d - view queue details
  • v then h - view queue activity
  • ? - show pop-up window of keyboard shortcuts