You can customize the layout of GQueues to fit your personal preferences.

Layout Options

The Standard layout is the recommended option for GQueues, which allows Queues to scroll separately from Tasks. This maximizes efficiency, allowing you to easily move tasks between queues and manage your work.

You can also choose the Expanded Queues option in Settings which lays out all the queues on the page and scrolls them along with your tasks.

In order to provide the best experience for small screens, GQueues will automatically switch to the Expanded Queues layout when your browser window is less than 450 pixels tall.

Expand / Collapse Panels

Click the black arrow to expand or collapse a panel. GQueues will remember the state of each panel the next time you login.

Reorder Panels

Drag the title of any panel to change its order. GQueues will remember the layout you set.

Resize Panels

You can resize the left and right panels by clicking and dragging the separator bars.

Fullscreen Mode

You can hide the left panel completely by going into fullscreen mode so you can focus on the tasks at hand.

You can also type the f key to toggle between fullscreen mode.

Click the link at the top to exit fullscreen mode

Display Density

You can choose the Compact display density to see more tasks on the screen at once.