Besides sharing queues with specific people, GQueues allows you to publish your queues to the world for all to see. Publishing a queue creates a link you can share with anyone and a snippet of HTML that you can paste into your blog or any web page. This will embed a live version of your queue into that page, so as you make changes to the queue they will be instantly visible to everyone looking at the page where it is embedded.

Publishing a Queue

There are two ways to publish a queue:

  1. Click the Publish link at the top of the queue you are currently viewing.
  2. Hover over the queue you want to publish in the My Queues panel, click the menu and choose Publish....

This brings up the Publish window for that queue where you change it to Public or Private.

Click Public and choose the content you want initially displayed when the queue loads.

Then copy the HTML to embed the queue in a website or copy the link to share it via email or IM.

NOTE: Once you click the Public option and copy the HTML be sure to click the Save button. Your queue will not be public until you hit Save.

Viewing a Published Queue

Use the link to view the public version of the queue, or paste the HTML into your blog or other web page to embed the public version.

A Copy button is provided in the public version so others can import the queue into their own account. This DOES NOT give them access to your queue, but makes a copy of the queue and all its items and places it in their account. Changes they make to the copied queue will not affect your queue.

Making a Queue Private

You can make a public queue private again by opening the Publish window for that queue, clicking the Private option and clicking save. If you have embedded this queue in other web pages it will instantly become private and a message will be shown to users stating the queue is no longer public.

Of course you can remove the HTML you pasted into your web page and this block will be removed altogether.