You are given a couple starter queues when you first login to GQueues, but you can certainly rename these, delete them, or add more queues.

Add a Queue

There are two ways to create a new queue:

  1. Choose Add Queue from the menu to create a new queue in the current category.
  2. Hover over a category, click the menu button on the right side and choose Add Queue to create a new queue in that particular category, whether or not it is current.

A new queue will be created and you can then give it a name.

View a Queue

Click on the queue name to view the tasks in the list. The currently selected queue will appear in bold in the category.

Archive Completed Tasks

You can archive all completed tasks that are active in a queue by choosing Archive Completed from the queue menu.

View Archived Tasks

By default you see the active tasks in a queue when you select it. To view the archived tasks click on the Archived button. Tasks appear in order from most recent to oldest based on the date completed.

Delete Archived Tasks

You can delete all archived tasks in a queue by either clicking the Delete Archived Tasks button or choosing Delete Archived from the queue menu.

Number of Tasks in a Queue

The number of ACTIVE, TOP-LEVEL tasks in a queue is displayed next to the queue name.

NOTE: Custom smart queues do not display this count.

Rename a Queue

Choose Rename from the Queue menu.

Or you can change the name of the queue currently open by clicking on the name, making your changes and pressing enter.

Duplicate a Queue

Choose Duplicate from the Queue menu to create an exact copy of a queue.

Print a Queue

Click the Print button and choose the size and content you wish to print.

Set Queue as Default

The default queue is loaded automatically when you login to GQueues. To set the default queue choose Set as default from the Queue menu.

Delete a Queue

Choose Delete from the queue menu. You cannot undo this action and will be warned before proceeding.

Change a Queue's Color

Select the desired color from the queue menu.

Show / Hide Task Properties

Use the Show/ Hide menu to toggle properties for all tasks in the current queue.

You can also set what is shown or hidden by default when queues are loaded.

To set your preferences click the Set defaults... option in the menu or go directly to the Queues tab of GQueues Settings.

Reorder Queues

You can reorder queues within a category by clicking and dragging the queue to the desired position.

If you want to move a queue to a different category simply expand the new category and drag the queue to the desired position.

Queue Details

Click the Queue Info button to toggle the Queue Info panel open.

The Details tab shows when the queue was created, the list of collaborators (if it's shared) and whether the queue has been published.

Hover your mouse over a collaborator's picture to see their details including whether they can edit or only view this queue.

You can add notes for the entire queue by clicking the edit button.