Quick Add

The Quick Add syntax allows you to create new tasks with a minimal amount of clicks, whether you are typing a description, entering tasks via email, instant message, the bookmarklet or the quick add window.

Quick Add Syntax

Use the following syntax to set specific options when creating a new task:

on date @ time

  • shopping on friday
  • shopping may 28 @ 3pm
  • shopping fri at 3pm
  • shopping 5/28
  • shopping tomorrow
  • shopping today
NOTE: If you do not specify a year when typing the date GQueues will find the first instance of that date that occurs after today. To have the quick add parser ignore a weekday word put it in quotes (ie. prepare "Sunday" dinner).

in X minutes/hours/days/weeks

  • shopping in 20 minutes
  • shopping in 1 hour
  • shopping in 3 days
  • shopping 2 weeks

for X minutes/hours/days/weeks
Sets the duration of the task; only works if a date or time is also set for the task

  • shopping on Aug 20th for 1 week
  • shopping tomorrow @ 3pm for 2 hours
  • shopping in 1 hour for 30 minutes
  • shopping today for 4 days

[queue name]

  • shopping [to do]
  • shopping on fri [To Do]
NOTE: Queue names are not case-sensitive (you can type with capital letters or not). However, all queues in your account should have unique names to guarantee tasks created with this syntax go to the right queue.

GQueues first searches the list of queues you have created, and then looks for a match among queues shared with you. If a queue with the name specified cannot be found, GQueues will create a new queue and place it in your first category. If GQueues is currently open you will need to refresh the page to see the new queue.


  • shopping #bestBuy
  • shopping #Lowes #errands
NOTE: Only single word tags can be used (tags with spaces are not recognized)

^reminderMinutes reminderType

  • shopping friday ^15 email
  • shopping @ 3pm ^30 email
  • shopping sunday ^5 popup
NOTE: A task must have a date or time in order to set a reminder.

The Android App also supports these formats to simplify voice input:
  • shopping friday email reminder 15 minutes
  • shopping at 3pm email reminder 30 minutes
  • shopping sunday popup reminder 5 minutes

+emailAddress to assign a task

  • shopping +john@example.com
  • shopping +mark@example.com +sue@example.com

:: some notes to add task notes
Everything after the two colons will be placed in the task notes

  • shopping :: Macy's is having a 20% off sale all week

- subtask

  • - dvd player
  • -bills
  • --rent
  • --credit card
NOTE: This can only be used in the Quick Add Window. Each dash indicates an additional subtask level.

~ description to disable quick add syntax for any text after the tilde

  • ~ write minutes for Aug 3rd meeting
  • make dinner reservation #dateNight ~ for 8pm at Billy Sunday restaurant

Quick Add Window

The Quick Add Window allows you to enter multiple tasks at once, which makes it easy to import tasks from elsewhere or create a set of tasks from a text template.

To open the window just click the Quick Add button or type q.

Choose a queue from the dropdown where the new tasks should be created. (If you specify a queue in a task description it will override this setting for that task). Enter one task per line using any of the quick add syntax, and type shift-enter to get a new line.

Here's an example where all tasks will be created in the To Do queue:

Which creates these tasks:

Here's an example where tasks are created in a variety of queues:

Which creates these tasks:

Set Insert Location

For tasks created via email, instant message, the bookmarklet or the quick add window you can choose whether tasks are inserted at the top or bottom of a queue.

Go to the Queue tab of Settings to set the location.

This setting also affects where new tasks are created when you click the Add Task button. Holding down the shift key while clicking the button will insert a task in the opposite location.

Disable Quick Add

You can disable Quick Add Syntax parsing for tasks you create in the Quick Add Window and regular queues.

Go to the Tasks tab in Settings and uncheck the box.

With Quick Add Syntax disabled, your tasks will appear exactly as typed, with no parsing for keywords.

NOTE: If you only want to disable parsing on some tasks, you can temporarily disable parsing using the tilde (~) character.

See this page for how to disable Quick Add for tasks you email into GQueues.

Mobile Caveats

The following Quick Add keywords are NOT YET available in the GQueues mobile apps. They will be added in coming updates!

  • [queue name] does NOT search shared queues on mobile yet
  • tilde (~) does NOT disable quick add on mobile yet