Recurring Tasks

For tasks that happen regularly you can set them to repeat for easy management. In GQueues only one instance of a repeating task is in your queue at a time to keep things clean and simple. When you mark a task complete, or delete that instance of the task, the next instance is generated based on the repeating pattern you setup.

Set a Task to Repeat

Click the date on an item to bring up the calendar window and click the repeating menu.

Choose a preset option or Custom to set your own pattern.

Set the custom repeating pattern for this task and click Set Custom Repeat when you are finished.

A summary of the pattern appears in the menu. Click Done when finished.

Two circular arrows appear next to a task's date to indicate it is a repeating task.

NOTE: If you select Repeats from: Due date the next task will be generated using the repeating pattern applied to the current task's due date (so it occurs at regular intervals as you would expect). If you select Repeats from: Date completed the next task is generated based on when you complete the current task (so if you are late changing the oil in your car for instance, the next task will be 3 months from when you actually got it changed and marked it complete, instead of 3 months from when you were supposed to change it).

Marking a Repeating Task Complete

When you click a repeating task complete that instance is marked complete...

...and a new instance is generated based on the repeating pattern.

If you have calendar integration activated the new instance will also appear on your calendar.

Deleting a Repeating Task

If you delete a repeating task you will be prompted to delete either that instance or the entire series.

If you choose to delete the instance then the next instance in the pattern will be generated.

Deleting the entire series will stop new instances from being created.

Changing Details of a Repeating Task

To change the description, notes or tags of a repeating task just make the changes on the current instance of that task.

All future instances are based on the info in the current instance of the task.

To change the repeating pattern for a task open the calendar window and click the repeat menu to choose a preset option or a new custom pattern.

To stop a task from repeating choose Does not repeat from the menu.