New Search Improvements

GQueues recently switched to a new underlying platform to power its search functionality.

As part of this transition, we've added support for the most requested improvements to search in GQueues.

Below you will find details about all the new options and changes.

Partial Word Search

Partial-word search and fuzzy search are now supported!

  • An asterisk (*) can be used to perform a partial-word search. For instance, searching for water* will return both "water" and "watermelon" in search results.

  • A tilde (~) can be used to perform a fuzzy search. For instance, searching for review~ will return both "review" and the misspelled "reveiw" in search results.

Syntax Changes

The new search platform requires using slightly different syntax for your search queries.

  • Search fields must always be followed by a colon. For instance, before you could type dueDate >= 2020-01-05. Now you must type dueDate: >=2020-01-05.

  • The equals sign is no longer allowed or needed after a search field. For instance, before you could type dueDate = 2020-03-22. Now you must type dueDate: 2020-03-22.

  • Fields that previously required a value of 0 or 1 now require true or false. For instance, before you could type hasNotes = 1. Now you must type hasNotes: true.

  • No spaces are allowed between an inequality sign and the value following it. For instance, numTags: > 0 will NOT work. You must type numTags: >0.

  • The description search field has been changed to title. For instance, before you could type description: (review report). Now you must type title: (review report).

New Search Fields

Based on feedback from users, we've added a number of new search fields.

Search Field Format Example
isSubtask: true or false isSubtask: false
numSubtasks: number numSubtasks: >0
numOpenSubtasks: number numOpenSubtasks: >3
numArchivedSubtasks: number numArchivedSubtasks: 0
dueTime: "HH:MM" must be in quotes, can be 12- or 24-hour format dueTime: "08:15 pm"
hasDueTime: true or false hasDueTime: true
hasReminder: true or false hasReminder: false
duration: number of minutes duration: 120
lastModified: yyyy-mm-dd lastModified: >2020-04-01

You can view all the available search fields in the Search Help Docs.

Saved Searches

GQueues has automatically converted the saved searches in your account to use the new syntax. Your existing saved searches should continue to work on the new system and return the same search results as before.