Smart Queues

Smart Queues filter tasks in your account based on certain criteria such as dates or tags.

Default Smart Queues

You are given four Smart Queues to help get you started. You can modify or delete these as desired.

  • Overdue - All tasks that have a set date that occurs before the current day.
  • Due Today - All tasks that have a set date that matches the current day.
  • Due in a Week - All tasks that have a set date that occurs between today and 7 days from now.
  • All Tasks - All tasks in your account. This is a simple way to see all tasks that are Open or Completed.

Add a Smart Queue

Click the Add button to create a new Smart Queue.

Name the Smart Queue whatever you wish and then select the criteria.

General Smart Queue

There are two types of Smart Queues you can create. The General Smart Queue lets you select a variety of criteria.

With the first option you can select the source of tasks for filtering. This can be your entire account (which includes tasks you own, tasks shared with you and tasks assigned to you), just tasks you own, tasks you own and those assigned to you, or a specific category or queue.

Select your criteria as desired.

The blue box shows a summary of your settings so you know exactly what the Smart Queue will contain. Click Save when you're satisfied with the settings.

NOTE: Be sure to set your current timezone in Settings to get accurate results from the Smart Queues. (See Calendar Integration for more details.)

View the new Smart Queue to verify your settings.

Next Actions Smart Queue

The Next actions type of Smart Queue displays the top tasks from every queue so you can easily see what you should be working on next.

Assignments and Shared Tasks

Assignments and tasks shared with you that meet the Smart Queue criteria will be displayed along with the tasks you have created yourself. Assignments are identified with an @ symbol and cannot be moved to other queues (since they belong to a different user). Tasks that are shared as read-only are marked with a lock symbol and cannot be changed in any way.

Change a Smart Queue

Click the Edit... menu option to change the settings for a Smart Queue.

Delete a Smart Queue

Click the Delete menu option to delete a Smart Queue. NOTE: Only the Smart Queue is deleted, not any of the tasks that would show up in it.

Reorder Smart Queues

Click and drag the Smart Queue to change its position.

View Tasks in a Smart Queue

Click the name of a Smart Queue to view the tasks that currently meet that Smart Queue's criteria.

Double-click the colored box on any task to be taken to the Task Overview where you can add subtasks and modify all properties of the task.

Sorting and Grouping Tasks in a Smart Queue

Smart Queues are dynamic, meaning the tasks displayed depend on which tasks in your account currently meet the criteria. Consequently, you cannot manually reorder tasks in a Smart Queue, because the tasks displayed are always changing. However, you can choose how the tasks are sorted and grouped in the current display of a Smart Queue.

Each Smart Queue remembers how you last sorted/grouped the tasks so you don't have to reset it every time.

To change how tasks are sorted, click the Sort dropdown menu and choose an option. Clicking the sort button itself will reverse the current order.

Sort by Queue Order puts tasks in order by the number they have in their original queue. This is most useful when combined with the Group by Queue option.

To group tasks choose an option from the Group menu.

When a grouping option is selected, sorting is applied within each group.

When viewing the Completed tab you also have the option to sort by date completed.