Team Queues

Team Queues allow you to easily collaborate with your team and organize work together.

Video Overview

Create a Team

To create a new team choose New Team... from the menu.

Give the team a name and click Create.

Follow the steps to add team members, import queues, create tags and activate calendar syncing.

Add Team Members

To add a member to a team, open the Team Settings and go to the Members panel.

Type the email address of the person you want to add to the team and choose the role you want to give them from the menu.

Click the Add button and they will receive a notification about their membership on the team.

Team Member Roles

Each member of a team has a role. A role defines what users can do on the team. The following table describes what activities users in each role can perform.

Permitted Activity Owner Manager Collaborator Completer Commenter Viewer
View tasks
Comment on tasks
Mark tasks complete / open
Attach files to tasks
Create tasks
Change task details
Receive reminders
Duplicate tasks
Reorder tasks
Delete / restore tasks
View and empty trash
Change queue notes
Change queue name
Change queue color
Create queues
Delete queues
Reorder queues
Duplicate queues
Publish queues
Add / remove team members
Change team settings
Delete team

Remove Team Members

To remove a member from a team, open the Team Settings and go to the Members panel.

Click the menu for the team member and choose Remove member.

Change Team Member Roles

To change the role of a team member, open the Team Settings and go to the Members panel.

Click the menu for the team member and choose the desired role.

Transfer Ownership

To transfer ownership of a team to another person, open the Team Settings and go to the General panel.

Click the Transfer ownership... button.

Choose the team member you want make the team owner and click Transfer Ownership.

(If you want to make a person outside the team the owner you must first add them as a team member.)

The selected person will receive a notification that they are the new owner.

Your role will be changed to Manager and you will no longer be able to access the team settings.

View Team Members

You can view all the members of a team by opening the team menu and choosing Team members.

NOTE: Team owners should open the team settings to view the team members.

Leave a Team

The owner of the team has the ability to add and remove team members.

If you are a member of a team you no longer want to participate in you can leave the team by opening the team menu and choosing Leave team.

NOTE: To re-join the team you must contact the team owner and ask them to add you again.

Manage Queues for a Team

Owners and managers can add, reorder and delete queues from a team.

To add a queue to a team choose Add queue from the menu.

Queues can be reordered within a team by dragging and dropping them

Delete a queue by choosing Delete queue from the queue's menu.

Activate Calendar Syncing

Each team can have a separate calendar in Google Calendar where all tasks for the team appear. This calendar is visible to all team members and members can modify tasks directly on the calendar based on their role.

To activate calendar syncing, open the Team Settings and go to the Calendar panel.

Click the Sync with Google Calendar button and follow the steps to authorize access.

The new team calendar will appear in Google Calendar for all team members.

Manage Calendar Settings

To choose calendar settings for the team, open the Team Settings and go to the Calendar panel.

Here you can set the timezone, default duration for tasks, default reminder for tasks, the location of tasks created directly in Google Calendar, what happens when events are deleted in Google Calendar, and whether to show completed tasks on the calendar.

Deactivate Calendar Syncing

To deactivate calendar syncing, open the Team Settings and go to the Calendar panel.

Click the Deactivate button.

The calendar will be removed from all team members' accounts.

Manage Reminders

If calendar syncing is active for a team then reminders can be set for tasks. Team members that have a role of collaborator or higher can choose if they want to receive reminders that are set for tasks. Reminders are never sent to commenters and viewers.

To choose your reminder settings for a particular team select Reminders... from the team menu.

Click the Enable reminders button to start receiving reminders. You may be prompted to authorize access to your Google Calendar as part of the process.

Click the Disable reminders button to stop receiving reminders.

NOTE: If you change the reminder for a team task directly in Google Calendar those changes will NOT sync back to the task in GQueues, and they will not sync to other team members' calendars.

Add Tags to Tasks

To add tags to a task, open the tag menu. Only the tags for the specific team are shown.

Depending on the tag settings for the team users can select from the list of tags or create new tags.

View Team Tags

To view tags for a specific team open the menu in the Tag Panel and choose the desired team.

Click a tag to see only the tasks in that team, with that tag.

Manage Team Tags

To manage tasks for a team, open the Team Settings and go to the Tags panel.

You can choose to allow team members to create new tags or restrict them to only using the tags you define.

To modify or delete tags open the menu for the tag and choose the desired action.

Import Data

To import data to a team, open the Team Settings and go to the Import panel.

You can import other queues from your account, data from any GQueues Backup CSV file or lists from Google Tasks.

To import queues you created, queues shared with you, or queues from your other teams click the Choose queues... button.

Select the queues you want to import and click Continue.

Confirm your selections and then choose between two options for the import process:

1. Click Import and the queues will be copied to your team.

2. Click Import & Delete Existing Queues and each queue will be copied to your team and then the original queue deleted.
This can help reduce confusion by eliminating duplicate copies of tasks.

Once the import process has completed click the Continue button.

To import queues from a GQueues Backup CSV file click the Choose file... button. The queues and tasks in the backup file will be added to the team.

To import lists from Google Tasks click the Choose lists... button.

Select the lists you want to import and click Continue.

Confirm your selections and click Import Lists.

NOTE: This is a one-time import from Google Tasks. Once you've moved your tasks to GQueues, you should ignore or delete the tasks in Google Tasks, since changes made by you and collaborators are only visible within GQueues.

Export Team Data

To export team data, open the Team Settings and go to the Export panel.

Click the Export Team Data button to export all queues and tasks for the team.

Organize Teams

You may be a member of many teams in GQueues - some you created and some you were added to by others.

You can change the order that teams appear in your account by dragging them to the desired position.

View Team Trash

Owners, managers, and collaborators can view trashed tasks.

To view tasks for the team that have been trashed choose View trash from the menu.

Trashed tasks will be shown and can be restored as needed.

Rename Team

To rename a team choose Rename from the menu.

Move Tasks

You can move tasks from a queue in one team to a queue in another team or to a queue in My Queues.

Drag the task and drop it on the desired destination queue.

NOTE: If you are a Viewer or Commenter for a team you cannot move tasks into those queues.

Mobile Apps

Team Queues are available in the GQueues iOS and Android apps.

To view them open the side panel and choose Team Queues.