The Trash allows you to recover tasks that were removed from a queue by mistake. When a task is moved to the Trash it will remain there for 30 days before it is permanently deleted.

Video Overview

Moving Tasks to the Trash

To "delete" a task click on the trash can button.

You can also drag a task to the Trash.

Tasks will remain in the Trash for 30 days before they are permanently deleted.

When a task with subtasks is moved to the Trash the subtasks are separated from the parent task.

This means the parent and subtasks must be restored individually if you need to recover them.

Undo Moving Tasks to the Trash

When you move a task to the Trash a confirmation message will appear at the bottom of the page.

Click the Undo button to restore the task back to the queue.

NOTE: Undo is not available when you move a task with subtasks to the Trash. In this situation you must go to the Trash and restore each task / subtask individually.

View Tasks in the Trash

Click on the Trash queue to view all tasks that have been recently removed.

Tasks are shown grouped and sorted by the date they were moved to the Trash.

Active and Archived tasks are displayed separately in the Trash, just like any other queue.

To view tasks that were already archived when they were removed from their original queue, click the Archived tab.

View the Trash for a Specific Queue

To view tasks that were moved to the Trash from a specific queue, first open the queue and then choose View Trash from the Gear menu.

This will show tasks that were recently removed from that queue only, instead of your entire account.

Restore Tasks from the Trash

You can restore any task in the Trash to its original queue by choosing Restore Task from the task's menu.

This process will attempt to restore the task back to its previous position in the queue where it was removed.

You can click the LOCATE button on the confirmation notice to view the restored task.

If the original queue no longer exists an error message will appear.

Move Tasks out of the Trash

You can also move an active task out of the Trash by dragging it to any queue you own or collaborate on.

Archived tasks in the Trash cannot be moved by dragging. You must use the Restore Task option for Archived tasks.

Permanently Delete a Task

You can permanently delete a specific task by finding the task in the Trash and choosing Delete Forever from the task's menu.

NOTE: You will not be able to recover a task once it's permanently deleted.

Manually Empty the Trash

Tasks that have been in the trash more than 30 days are automatically deleted, permanently.

You can also manually empty the Trash at any time by choosing Empty Trash from the Gear menu or Queue menu.

NOTE: This will permanently delete all tasks in the Trash and they cannot be recovered after the Trash is emptied.