Calendar Integration

GQueues allows you to set dates, times and reminders for any of your tasks and integrate them with your Google Calendar. When you activate Calendar Integration a secondary calendar named GQueues is created and appears when you visit Google Calendar. As you set dates for tasks in GQueues they automatically sync with this new calendar.

Activate Calendar Integration

To activate Google Calendar integration go to the Calendar tab of GQueues Settings and click Activate.

You will be prompted to grant GQueues access to your Google Calendar. Click Allow to authorize the integration.

A message will confirm the connection was made successfully.

It is also recommended that you install the GQueues for Google Workspace Add-on so you can mark tasks complete directly from Google Calendar.

View GQueues Tasks in Google Calendar

Once integration is activated, sign in to Google Calendar to view your GQueues tasks with dates. If you just set a new date for a task it may take a few seconds before it appears in Google Calendar.

Click on an event to see all the task details.

The queue of the task and any notes are shown in the event's description.

Change GQueues Items within Google Calendar

You can modify tasks that appear in Google Calendar and those changes will be reflected back in GQueues. Click on a task in Google Calendar, click the edit button and then modify the name, date, time, or reminder as desired.

You can also just drag a task to a different day in the calendar and the date will be automatically updated in GQueues.

Add New Items Directly from Google Calendar

You can add new tasks to GQueues from within Google Calendar. Simply create a new calendar event and add it to the GQueues calendar.

Newly created tasks will be placed in your Inbox in GQueues and you can drag them to a specific queue later.

Hide Completed Items in Google Calendar

By default completed tasks show up in Google Calendar with a √ checkmark in front of them. You can optionally have completed tasks hidden on the calendar entirely by going to Settings in GQueues and checking the Hide Completed Items checkbox.

Canceling Events in Google Calendar

You can choose what happens to a task when you delete the task's event directly in Google Calendar.

Go to the Calendar tab in GQueues Settings and choose which option you prefer.

Set Timezone for Correct Times and Reminders

In order for times and reminders to sync correctly between GQueues and Google Calendar you must ensure the timezone is set correctly in three different places. GQueues attempts to set the timezone for you, but if times seem off most likely the timezone is incorrect somewhere.

First, in GQueues go to Settings, choose the correct timezone and click Save.

Second, go to Google Calendar and click the menu next to the GQueues calendar and choose Settings and sharing.

In the Calendar Details panel make sure you set the exact same timezone here as you set in GQueues, and click Save.

Third, in Google Calendar choose Settings from the gear menu.

Here make sure you set the exact same timezone as in the other two places.

Set What Day the Week Starts On

Go to the Calendar tab of GQueues Settings to set what day the weeks starts on.

This will modify the calendar that is displayed in GQueues.

Deactivate Calendar Integration

If you no longer want GQueues integrated with your Google Calendar you can deactivate it at any time. This will remove the GQueues secondary calendar from Google Calendar and all the tasks associated with it. This will NOT delete any of the tasks in GQueues, so you don't have to worry about losing anything.

To deactivate go to Calendar tab in GQueues Settings and click the Deactivate button.

Repeating Tasks

Repeating tasks in GQueues work differently than repeating events in Google Calendar. Consequently, all repeating tasks must be created in GQueues. If you create a repeating event in Google Calendar on your GQueues calendar, it will NOT sync to GQueues and is simply ignored.

Problems with Calendar Integration

If you ever have problems with tasks not properly syncing, or somehow things have just become a mess, you can always reset calendar integration. To do this simply deactivate Calendar Integration and the re-activate it. This will remove your existing GQueues calendar within Google Calendar and add a new one that has reloaded all your GQueues tasks that have dates set.