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GQueues Lite GQueues
Google Account & Google Apps Login
Login to GQueues with your existing Google Account or Google Apps account. No registration required!
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Tag tasks as needed and then view a Smart Queue containing only tasks with that tag.

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Break down large tasks into more manageable subtasks. Create as many levels of subtasks as you need.
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Repeating Tasks
Easily manage recurring tasks in a way that keeps your lists clutter-free.

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Sharing (view only)
Share lists with others (read-only) so they can see what you're up to.

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Smart Queues
Auto-generated lists based on date ranges and tags you specify (ie. Overdue, Today, Tomorrow, etc...)
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Quick Add
Create tasks quickly via email, IM or directly from Google Calendar.

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Embed queues in your own web pages or share a link to a queue with others.

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Gadgets (iGoogle & Calendar)
Monitor your tasks with gadgets for iGoogle and Google Calendar.

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Export / backup
Save your data locally to a CSV file for extra safety.

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Google Calendar Integration
Have your tasks show up on your Google Calendar. 2-way syncing allows you to edit tasks in GQueues or your calendar.
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Set SMS, email or pop-up reminders for tasks so you never forget something.

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Sharing (collaboration)
Create tasks and edit lists together with others in real-time.

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Delegate tasks to others and monitor their progress. Managing team projects is easy with assignments.
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Gmail Gadget for Google Apps
Convert emails into GQueues tasks, right within the email itself.

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Google Chrome Extension
Easily create tasks from any web page, on the fly.

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Find tasks quickly no matter where you put them. Save searches for powerful organization.
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GQueues for Android
Manage your tasks on your phone and tablet with the GQueues app for Android.

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GQueues for iOS
Manage your tasks on your iPhone and iPad with the GQueues app for iOS.

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