Sharing and Collaboration

Share lists with others so you can create and edit tasks together.

Stay in sync across your company, team, or people you choose from Google Contacts.

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GQueues Sharing and Collaboration

Google Calendar Integration with 2-Way Syncing

Set due dates on tasks in GQueues and they appear on your Google Calendar within seconds.

Modify tasks in Google Calendar and those changes sync back to GQueues.

Leverage up-to-date calendars for yourself or your company or organization.

GQueues Google Calendar Integration

Attachments with Google Drive Integration

Attach files and folders from Drive to a task, or upload documents from your computer.

Take pictures or record voice notes on your mobile device and attach to a task. Watch Video

GQueues Attachments


Delegate tasks to others and monitor their progress.

GQueues Assignments
GQueues Assignments

Unlimited Subtasks

Break down large tasks into manageable subtasks so you can start making progress.

Create as many levels of subtasks as you need.

GQueues Subtasks

Mobile Apps

Stay organized and in sync with your group with Android and iOS apps.

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GQueues Android and iOS Apps

Google Workspace Add-on

Turn emails into actionable tasks within Gmail and mark tasks complete from Google Calendar. Watch Video

GQueues for Google Workspace


Discuss task details with collaborators and keep work moving forward. Watch Video

GQueues Comments


Get reminders via email or pop-up so you never forget a task.

GQueues Reminders

Repeating Tasks

Set tasks to repeat based on a specific pattern.

GQueues Repeating Tasks

Tagging by Topic

Tag tasks and then easily see all tasks with a particular tag.

Setup a tagging system for your organization to stay in sync on projects.

GQueues Tagging
GQueues Tags

Smart Queues

Filter tasks based on a set of criteria for quick retrieval.

GQueues Smart Queues

Activity Panel

View the history of all activity in a queue.

Easily track and review changes made by collaborators. Watch Video

GQueues Smart Queues


Rest easy knowing a secure, 128-bit encrypted SSL connection is used for all communication to protect your data.

GQueues runs on the same infrastructure and servers used by Google's own services, making it highly available, reliable and robust.

GQueues is secure and reliable

Learn more about the details of every GQueues feature in our Help Docs.