Cameron Henneke

The Story

In December 2008, grasped by a sudden desire to take control of my life, I decided that it was time to get organized. In a big way.

I set out to find an online task manager that was powerful enough to help me stay organized, yet simple enough to not slow me down. Most tools I tried either had too many features that were not intuitive, or lacked the functionality I needed to stay on track.

So I decided I would build a new online task manager with two guiding principles:

  1. The app would integrate with existing Google products whenever possible, taking advantage of tools I already used and knew quite well.

  2. The app must be really easy to use - every feature must be simple and intuitive.

Since the initial launch in January 2009 GQueues has grown as a product based on feedback from the community of GQueues users. With every new feature added though, I strive to make the app more powerful while still remaining simple. Most importantly, I believe listening to users will always keep GQueues moving in the right direction.

Is GQueues a Google product?

While GQueues attempts to offer seamless integration with several Google products, it is not owned or developed by Google. GQueues is built on the Google App Engine™ platform and integrates with your existing Google account using the Google Accounts API™ product or your Google Apps account following the OpenID protocol. GQueues does NOT have access to, nor store your Google or Google Apps account password. The content of GQueues is stored and secured on Google servers as provided by the Google App Engine™ platform. Integration with Google Calendar and Google Contacts is achieved using the Google Data APIs and only works once you have authorized GQueues to access these products.

Can I use GQueues for free?

GQueues Lite is available free of charge for anyone to use. However, if you wish enjoy all the features of GQueues you should purchase a subscription.