About us

GQueues is...

A small business, for small businesses

Our team is small, but mighty.

We understand the struggles small businesses face, because we’re one too! You have all the areas of work that get dedicated departments at larger organizations, but you have to do everything with fewer people. Balancing it all can be hard!

That’s why we’re here.

GQueues is built for small businesses

Designed for Google lovers

We built GQueues for Google users. We love Google products, and built a tool to make them work even better for you and your team.

We’re not affiliated with Google. We’re a separate company, dedicated to helping you manage your work.

Your path to peace of mind

When you lay everything out in a prioritized list, magic happens. No more scatter-brain. Planning your day is fast and simple. Suddenly you can make lighting-fast decisions about what to push when an all-hands-on-deck emergency comes up. And you have the freedom to choose what to let go of if you realize you have an unsustainable workload.

Sure, you want to stay on top of your to-do list, get organized, and find a system that actually works with the tools you already use. And we can help you with that, too. 😉 But really, our mission is to reduce your stress and get you out of your head so you can focus on what’s important to you.

GQueues is your path to peace of mind


From the very beginning, simplicity has been at the core of GQueues’ design. Instead of overwhelming users with a zillion features you won’t ever use, GQueues is designed to just work.

Even as we’ve grown, we’ve stuck to the “simplicity first” mantra.

Sure, add features and improve what’s there. But they shouldn’t hide the core functionality and distract you from getting stuff done.

GQueues is simple and designed to just work


Our customers are at the core of GQueues.

Feedback from users has driven the app’s growth over the years, and that’s not going to change. We take every suggestion seriously and use that feedback to make GQueues better for our community.

Our high quality customer service is a point of pride. Whether you have a bug to report, a new feature to request, or a question about how something works, our Customer Care Team is here for you.

GQueues provides high-quality customer service
Sharon Tankersley finds success with GQueues
“GQueues support is truly wonderful! Always quick to respond, and get right to the heart of my issue. Simple, easy to understand explanations, and never make me feel dumb. I love GQueues!”
Sharon Tankersley

In it for the long haul

Founded in 2009 by entrepreneur Cameron Henneke, GQueues hasn’t taken any venture capital funding. Instead, we’ve worked hard over the last decade to build a strong business with a sustainable model.

In the uncertain world of tech startups, we’re committed to being here in the long-run for our users who rely on GQueues to organize their work and life.

Cameron Henneke is the founder of GQueues
GQueues is...the tool for your team on Google Workspace

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Where GQueues is located

GQueues is a fully remote company, but we’re headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.

GQueues headquarters is near the Flatirons of Boulder Colorado