Full-featured, intuitive task manager

Get the powerful functionality you need to manage work effectively with an intuitive interface.

GQueues makes your life easier by integrating with the Google products you already use.

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Access GQueues from the Apps menu

Access from the apps menu

Open GQueues from Google Workspace without having to login again.

Users are automatically signed in using Google's secure SSO authentication for quick access.

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Access GQueues from the Apps menu

Two-way calendar syncing

Set due dates on tasks in GQueues and they automatically appear in your Google Calendar.

Modify tasks in Google Calendar and those changes sync back to GQueues.

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GQueues 2-way Google Calendar syncing
Share GQueues with teams

Collaboration with your team

Share lists with others and easily assign tasks with Google Contacts integration.

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GQueues collaboration
Share GQueues with teams

Attachments from Drive

Attach files and folders from Google Drive.

GQueues manages permissions in the background so files are available to collaborators.

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GQueues attachments with Google Drive

Task creation from email

Turn emails into actionable tasks and clear out your inbox with GQueues for Google Workspace.

Create tasks with GQueues for Google Workspace

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GQueues is secure and reliable

Secure and reliable

Rest easily knowing a secure, 128-bit encrypted SSL connection is used for all communication to protect your data.

GQueues runs on the same infrastructure and servers used by Google's own services, making it highly available, reliable and robust.

GQueues is secure and reliable
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