GQueues compared to Trello

GQueues gives you everything you need to collaborate with your team on Google Workspace. Here’s how Trello compares:

$5+ / user / month
$4 / user / month
Live Customer Support
Simple Interface
Add Emails to Tasks from Gmail
Attach Files from Google Drive
Google Calendar Syncing
Sync Multiple Calendars
Task Sharing & Collaboration
Manage Permissions
Repeating Tasks
Saved Filtered Lists
Mobile Apps

What people are saying about GQueues

“Excellent productivity tool with superior integration with Google. It simply works.”
Darrel Spayth, Founder of Spayth Management Corporation
“I can easily and quickly create tasks and reorder them. I love being able to integrate them with my Google Calendar.”
Melissa Wharton, Marketing Coordinator at Clemons Real Estate
“Google Calendar two-way sync is the best on the market.”
Marco De Michele, MotorK LTD

Looking for Trello alternatives?

Here's why teams on Google choose GQueues

Spend less time learning and more time doing

Teamwork doesn’t have to be complicated. GQueues makes onboarding your team fast and simple. A familiar interface to blend seamlessly with the Google products you’re already using minimizes the learning curve so you don’t have to spend weeks figuring it all out. 

I use this app every morning to organize my tasks and the tasks for my team…Absolutely essential app!
Ben L.
Small business owner
The familiar interface of GQueues make getting started a breeze
Sync multiple Google Calendar to manage projects separately.

Sync multiple Google Calendars

Keep track of due dates for each unique team, create project-specific calendars, or just keep your personal and work deadlines separate.

GQueues is intuitively easy. The setup is simple, with seamless integration for Google users.
Pamela K.
Executive Director, Non-profit

Deep integration with Google Drive

Attach Drive files, upload from your computer, or create new Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides directly from your task. And task collaborators don’t need to request access. Permissions in GQueues carry over, so you don’t have to do any extra work.

As a project management consultant I track more things than most professionals, and GQueues enables me to do that while staying within the Google environment where my work typically resides.
Darrel S.
Small business owner
Attach files from Google Drive to tasks.
Chat with the GQueues Customer Care team for live support.

We’re just a chat away

You’re backed by a customer care team that’s got you covered.

Have questions? Suggestions? Need help with setup? Send us a message for live customer support, Monday through Friday.

GQueues is on it when things aren't working correctly, but I only need their support once every blue moon.
Andrew H.
PT / Owner, Milestone Therapy

Lists vs. Boards: Which is better?

It depends on how you want to manage your work

Some projects work best when they’re moved through stages: “To Do”, “Doing”, and “Done.” Drag a task from board to board depending on status. If that’s how you prefer to work, then Trello’s the app for you. But you can accomplish the same things with GQueues’ priority-based list approach, and even more.

When the focus is on your priorities, work with less stress knowing exactly what needs to get done and when. And cut all the noise without labels, pictures, notes, and cards of all different sizes constantly in view. And saved filtered lists make it easy to track your “To Do”s, “Doing”s, and “Done”s without having to click and drag a single thing.

Lots of methods and GQueues can adopt any one of these.
Scott A.
Product Development & Marketing
GQueues has a familiar interface for teams to get started quickly.

Clean up your workspace without paying more for it

It should be simple and affordable to manage multiple teams across complex projects.

GQueues was designed for teams on Google Workspace. We get that efficiency is everything. So at GQueues, we focus on the features that matter most, eliminating fluff to keep the price to just $4 per person, per month.

“I have researched way, way too many task programs. For work I tried many, but found myself coming back to GQueues over and over again.”
Lynn Spina, Program Coordinator
Lynn Spina
Program Coordinator
Lehigh University

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GQueues run by Google?

GQueues is a separate company from Google, although we are proud to be a Google Cloud Technology Partner.

While we strive to offer seamless integration with several Google products, GQueues is not owned or developed by Google.

Will I be charged when my trial ends?

Nope! We don’t collect credit card information when you start your trial, so there’d actually be no way for us to charge you even if we wanted to!

If you don’t purchase a subscription when your trial expires, your account will automatically revert to GQueues Lite. You’ll still have access to your data, just none of GQueues’ paid features.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! If you choose an annual plan you'll automatically receive a 20% discount compared to monthly billing.

We’re also happy to offer additional discounts to non-profit organizations. Chat with our Customer Care team to get set up!

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! You can cancel your subscription at any time. You’ll remain on your current plan until the end of your billing cycle. At that time, your account will be automatically switched to GQueues Lite. 

What if I have more questions?

Chat with our Customer Care Team! We’re happy to answer any questions you have about GQueues 😄

“I have too many tasks - GQueues keeps me focused and organized MY WAY.”
Scott Andrew
Hydrocentre Hydroponics
Scott Andrew, Hydrocentre Hydroponics
Focus your energy on what’s most important.
High impact. Low stress.
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