Hijinx: Games for Google Meet

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Hijinx makes your remote team and meetings better!

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When you work from home, it can be tricky to engage with your colleagues in a personal way. But if you don’t take time to get some genuine human connection, it’s just work, work, work all the time. And you risk your employees feeling like just another cog in a machine. Enter Hijinx.

Hijinx brings fun, safe-for-work games to your virtual meetings. And it’s fully integrated with Google Meet. No more getting lost in tabs or sharing the wrong screen. Everyone in the meeting can play the game, or just watch, all within your meeting room.

Using a hybrid model? No problem! Hijinx works in companion mode too.

Welcome new hires to your team, increase employee engagement, build trust, or add some laughter to your workday.

No registration required. No setup hassle. Just click a button and get into some (work-friendly) hijinx! 🎉

Why we built Hijinx

GQueues is a 100% remote company, so it's not exactly easy to get everyone together for in-person bonding on a regular basis. But we know the benefits of team building activities and their important role in achieving our shared goals.

For a long time we played games in our virtual team meetings, but it was always kind of hacking together a way to make things work. We’d need someone to present their screen, someone to keep track of who's turn it was, and someone to tally points. Or even if we found a site with a virtual game room, we wouldn't be able to see both the game and each other unless we had a multiple-monitor setup, and managing more windows is always cumbersome.

In short, it was a little messy.

But these games have a real value, so we kept playing. In the meantime, GQueues founder Cameron decided to take on a little side project to make things easier - and Hijinx was born!

It's made such a difference for our team that we decided to make it available to everyone for free. Our hope is that remote teams everywhere can add a little fun to their meetings, while building trust and collaboration at the same time!