GQueues compared to Google Tasks

GQueues gives you everything you need to collaborate with your team on Google Workspace. Here’s how Google Tasks compares:

Google Tasks
Mobile Apps
Google Calendar Syncing
Add Emails to Tasks from Gmail
Repeating Tasks
Task Sharing & Collaboration
Attach Files from Google Drive
Create Tasks from Anywhere in Chrome
Send Email to Create a Task
Dedicated Web App
Embed Lists in Web Page
Link to Specific Tasks
Categorize Lists
Color Code Lists
Drag Between Lists
Filtered Lists
Activity Log
Live Customer Support

What people are saying about GQueues

“Wish I’d found it sooner! I’m solving my prioritization issues with GQueues.”
Colleen Kern
“GQueues cares about being deeply integrated into the Google Workspace platform.”
John Taylor, Real Estate Agent
“The ONLY affordable organization tool that works for me.”
Sharyn Alice Murray, Creative Director

Looking for an alternative to Google Tasks?

Here are the top reasons people consider GQueues

Prioritization made simple

Manage tasks across all your lists and easily rearrange when life happens. Prioritize tasks with dynamic filtered lists that automatically keep up as you work.

I can create automated lists where all my work items are grouped by their tags (priority) and sorted by their date.
Scott A.
Retail Managing Director
Filter tasks with Smart Queues in GQueuesTrack your top priorities in GQueues
Attach files from Google Drive to tasks.

Deep integration with Google apps

An app that’s made to bring together the Google products your team already uses.

Attach files from Drive, create new Docs, Sheets or Slides directly from your tasks, add new tasks while browsing Chrome, and link or attach emails right from Gmail.

GQueues is so easy to use and really well integrated into Google apps like Chrome, Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive.
Tim C.
Self-employed Marketing Director

Built for teams on Google Workspace

Collaboration is easy when you can use your favorite apps together.

  • Shared lists keep everyone in the loop
  • Sync multiple calendars to keep track of projects
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Comment on tasks to talk about work in real time
When synced with Google apps it’s a very powerful tool for project management and team coordination.
John I.
Create tasks while browsing with the GQueues extension for Google ChromeGQueues is built for teams on Google Workspace

Connect your tasks,
your tools, and your team

Practical. Efficient. Simple.

You need an app that gets the job done, without all the fluff. GQueues has a familiar interface making it quick and easy to set up your team and sync with Google.

Still have questions? Our customer care team offers live chat support so you can get answers, ASAP.

We use this software to manage both individual and team projects. The support staff are very responsive and the software is intuitive!
Chris P.
CEO of a Non-Profit Organization
GQueues has a familiar interface for teams to get started quickly.

Built for managing your team’s work

If you need to track your tasks on a few simple lists, try Google Tasks. But if you need more from your Google integrated task manager, leave it to GQueues.

Google Tasks is made for solo users. If you’re not sharing your lists with your team, collaborating in-app, or looking for more robust Google integrations, then stick with Google’s own task manager.

But if you want multiple calendar syncing, flexible organization, and next-level task management for your Google-based team, that’s exactly why GQueues was made.

Better Google integration, amazingly intuitive, and a low learning curve for my staff.
Andrew H.
Medical Practice Owner
The intuitive design of GQueues means your team will actually use it

Get everything you need for less than $5 a month

GQueues is an affordable solution for your team to effectively manage your work.

And working better with your team is worth every penny.

"What Google Workspace was missing."
Rob Aubrey, Real Estate Broker
Rob Aubrey
Real Estate Broker

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GQueues run by Google?

GQueues is a separate company from Google, although we are proud to be a Google Cloud Technology Partner.

While we strive to offer seamless integration with several Google products, GQueues is not owned or developed by Google.

Will I be charged when my trial ends?

Nope! We don’t collect credit card information when you start your trial, so there’d actually be no way for us to charge you even if we wanted to!

If you don’t purchase a subscription when your trial expires, your account will automatically revert to GQueues Lite. You’ll still have access to your data, just none of GQueues’ paid features.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! If you choose an annual plan you'll automatically receive a 20% discount compared to monthly billing.

We’re also happy to offer additional discounts to non-profit organizations. Chat with our Customer Care team to get set up!

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! You can cancel your subscription at any time. You’ll remain on your current plan until the end of your billing cycle. At that time, your account will be automatically switched to GQueues Lite. 

What if I have more questions?

Chat with our Customer Care Team! We’re happy to answer any questions you have about GQueues 😄

If you’re already on Google Tasks, GQueues makes it easy to switch

Import your lists from Google Tasks with the click of a button for a seamless transition

Import from Google Tasks
“Love this tool for working with my staff! Employees can view what needs to be done in the app or their Google calendars, and managers can immediately see when things are completed.”
Kristen Houston
Registrar & Director of Academic Services
Kristen Houston, Directory of Academic Services

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