Sharing & Collaboration

GQueues is great for individual use, but it becomes a really powerful tool when you start using it with others. GQueues allows you to share specific queues with people you choose using two different access levels: View only and Collaboration.

Video Overview

View Only Sharing

When you share a queue with a person as View Only it will appear in their Shared with me panel. They can click on the queue and view or print the items in the queue. They will NOT be able to change any items in this queue.

Collaborative Sharing

When you make a person a Collaborator for a queue they will be able to view the queue AND CHANGE the items in this queue. This includes changing the description or notes for existing tasks, adding new tasks, and deleting tasks. You should only share a queue in collaboration mode with people you trust to modify the queue.

Changes made to collaborative queues happen in real-time, so if two people are working on a queue at the same time, the changes made by each person will be instantly visible to the other.

NOTE: A subscription is required to share a queue with someone else in collaboration mode. However, all users (with or without a subscription) can edit a queue that is shared with them in collaboration mode.

Sharing a Queue

There are two ways to start sharing a queue:

  1. Click the Share button at the top of the queue you are currently viewing.

  2. Choose Share... from the queue menu.

This brings up the Sharing window for that queue where you can manage access for everyone.

To share with a new person type their email address and press enter. Their name will appear with the selected access.

Connecting with Google Contacts makes it even easier to share with others using integrated search.

Change or Remove a Person's Access

To change how a queue is shared with a person bring up the Sharing window and click the drop-down menu to choose the desired access.

To "un-share" a queue click the X button next to the person's name to completely remove their access to the queue.

Changing a Person's Display Name

When a person shares a queue with you it shows up in the Shared with me panel underneath their email address. If you want to change this to something more descriptive (like their actual name), click on the menu for the person, choose Rename and type in the desired name.

NOTE: This does not affect their account in any way, it just changes how it is displayed for you.

Collaborating on a Queue

When a queue is shared in collaboration mode a person icon appears on the queue color as a quick visual indicator.

When other people are viewing a shared queue at the same time as you, their icons will appear to the right of the queue title.

Hover your mouse over the person's image to see more details, and even start a Google Hangout with the person.

As stated earlier, all changes happen in real-time, so any change you make will be instantly visible to others currently viewing the queue, and any modifications others make will be visible to you and everyone else currently collaborating on the queue.