All tasks in a queue appear in order. The whole concept of a queue is that it is an ordered list, which forces a person to decide the importance of a task compared to the others. With that said, GQueues makes it extremely easy to change the order of tasks in a queue making it a flexible, useful tool for getting organized.

Add a Task

Click the Add Task button to create a new task at the end of the queue.

If you prefer to have tasks inserted at the beginning of a queue by default you can set this in the Queues tab of GQueues Settings.

You can also hold the shift key while clicking the Add Task button to insert in the location opposite of the set default.

With the keyboard shortcuts you can insert tasks anywhere in the queue.

Or if you are currently typing the description of the last task in the list, simply hit the tab key to create a new task.

Quick Add

When creating a new task you can type the date and time as part of the description to save yourself a few clicks.

For example, if you type rehearsal on dec 12th at 4pm

GQueues will create a task named rehearsal and set a date of December 12th and a time of 4pm

You can type with just about any format and GQueues will figure out what you mean. Here's just a few examples:

  • renew license thursday @3pm
  • renew license 11/19 at 3pm
  • renew license 11/19/09 at 3pm
  • renew license nov 19, 2009 @ 3 pm
  • renew license 19.Nov @ 1500
  • 11-19 renew license at 3 PM
  • renew license tomorrow @3p

NOTE: If you use the date format dd/mm/yyyy instead of mm/dd/yyyy you can set this preference in Settings

You can also quickly add tags by using the pound (#) symbol.

See the Quick Add reference for all available syntax.

Edit a Task

To change the description of a task simply click on the task description and start typing the changes.

Reorder Tasks

You can reorder tasks within a queue by clicking and dragging the number on the left side of the task.

If you want to move a task to a different queue simply drag it over to the desired queue on the left and it will be moved there.

Reorder by Date, Date Created, Name or Tag

Use the Reorder menu to reorder tasks by date, date created, name or tag - ascending or descending.

Note this actually reorders the tasks. You will not be able to get your original order back.

After reordering:

Mark a Task Complete

Hover your mouse over the task and then click the checkmark.

Depending on your checkmark settings the task will either be crossed off while remaining in the active list, or marked complete and archived.

By default, top-level tasks are completed and archived, while subtasks are completed, but left on the active list.

Archive a Completed Task

You can archive completed tasks by holding down the shift key and clicking the checkmark.

To see archived subtasks you must go to the Task Overview.

Go to Task Overview

Click on the more menu and choose Task Overview to go to the Task Overview.

The Task Overview allows you to see an individual task and its subtasks separately, without the other tasks in the queue.

In this view you can still change all the properties of the task, re-order subtasks and add new subtasks.

To view archived subtasks click the Show Archived checkbox.

(Note: You CANNOT move or re-order subtasks while viewing archived subtasks.)

Click the Up arrow button to view the direct parent of the current task.

Click the name of the queue to view the containing queue of the current task.

Set Checkmark Action

By default, top-level tasks are completed and archived when the checkmark is clicked, while subtasks are marked complete, but left active.

You can set the action that occurs when you click the checkmark by going to the Tasks tab of GQueues Settings.

You can choose to have All tasks completed and archived, so that top-level tasks and subtasks are always archived when the checkmark is clicked.

Or you can choose to have No tasks completed and archived. In this case, tasks will simply be crossed off, but left active.

NOTE: You can archive any task by holding down the shift key while clicking the checkmark.

Delete a Task

To "delete" a task click on the trash can button.

Learn more about the Trash

Undo Delete

When you move a task to the Trash a confirmation message will appear at the bottom of the page.

Click the Undo button to restore the task back to the queue.

NOTE: Undo is not available when you move a task with subtasks to the Trash. In this situation you must go to the Trash and restore each task / subtask individually.

Set a Date for a Task

Hover your mouse over the item, click on the calendar button and choose the desired date. To remove a date for a task click the Clear All link. See Calendar Integration for details about viewing your GQueues tasks on your Google Calendar.

Set a Time for a Task

Once you have set a date for a task you can also set a specific time. Choose a time from the dropdown menu or type in a specific time and click Done. If you have activated Google Calendar Integration then these times will also sync with your Google Calendar. Changes to dates and times made to tasks in Google Calendar will also be reflected back in GQueues. To clear the time just delete the text, or choose No time from the dropdown menu.

NOTE: In order for the times to sync correctly between GQueues and Google Calendar you must ensure the timezone is set correctly in both places.

Set the Task Duration

For tasks with a date or time you can also set the duration which will be reflected in the event length on Google Calendar.

Choose the duration from the menu or type in a custom duration. Tasks with times can be as short as 5 minutes. Tasks with only a date must be 1 day or longer.

To set the default length of all tasks with dates or times go to Settings -> Calendar.

Set a Reminder for a Task

Reminders in GQueues are only available if you have activated Google Calendar Integration. Once you have set a date for a task you can then also set a reminder. There are different options for reminders:

  1. Email - An email is sent to email address associated with your account.

  2. Pop-up - If you have Google Calendar open, an alert will pop-up with the reminder. You can get these reminders even when you don't have Google Calendar open by enabling Chrome notifications. If you install the Google Calendar app for Android or iOS these reminders will also appear as notifications on your mobile device (even when offline).

To set the time of the reminder choose an option from the menu or type in a custom amount of time. For tasks with no time set, the reminder will appear at the specified minutes before midnight. To turn off a reminder choose No Reminder from the menu.

NOTE: In order for reminders to appear at the correct time you must ensure the timezone is set correctly in both GQueues and Google Calendar.

Set a Default Reminder for All New Tasks

You can set a default reminder that will be applied to all new tasks you create unless a different one is set explicitly.

Go to Settings -> Calendar and choose the reminder type and time and click Save.

All new tasks with a date or time will get this reminder, whether created in GQueues, via email or from the Chrome extensions.

Add a Note to a Task

Hover your mouse over the item, click on the note icon and type in the space provided.

New Lines in Task Notes

To get a new line in a note, hold the shift key down and type enter.

You can change this setting in the Tasks tab of Settings.

Duplicate a Task

Click the more button on the desired task and choose Duplicate Task from the dropdown menu.

Select the number of copies to make, and click Create Tasks.

Copies will be created which you can modify as necessary.

Duplicate a Task with Subtasks

If a task has subtasks, when you click the duplicate icon you will have the option to duplicate open subtasks as well.

This can be useful if you want to setup "templates" for sets of tasks you repeat often.

NOTE: When duplicating subtasks you can only make one copy at a time.

You can then modify the copy as necessary and drag it into an active queue.

Copy a Task to a Queue

To copy a task to a new queue hold down the option-key (Mac) or alt-key (Windows) while you click and drag the task to the desired queue.

A notice will appear indicating that you are making a copy of the task.

Drop the task on the desired queue and a copy will be created in that queue, with the original remaining in place.

Link to a Task

To get a direct link to a task click on the more menu and choose Link


From the popup window you can copy the link and paste it wherever needed, including in the notes or comments of another task.

Following the link will take you to the Task Overview.

NOTE: If you want to give the link to others, remember only people with access to the task (through a shared queue or assignment) will be able to view the Task Overview.

Create Task Templates

There are three different ways to make templates of tasks so you can easily re-create sets of tasks that you use often.

This video walks you through each approach and highlights when to use each method.