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A full-featured online task manager for your Google Account™ and Google Apps™ account!

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What's New

The updated Android app has new features including a quick view widget, DashClock extension and Google Now integration
Rated one of the top productivity apps in the Google Apps Marketplace
What customers are saying:
  • Great product...integrates beautifully with Google Calendar
    - Matthew Toenjes
  • Just the thing needed to boost your Google Apps
    - Michaela Conley
  • It makes it very easy to stay on top of your life
    - Frantz Nelson
  • A great task management tool for supervisors. My direct reports love it too.
    - Gerardo Loera
  • So simple, it just works!
    - Jonathan Issler
  • It is probably the most useful app I have ever come across.
    - Steve Jackson
  • The more we use it, the more we like it!
    - Avie Cleater
  • Robust task organizer...exactly what I was looking for
    - Alec Brownstein

Drag and Drop

Drag to reorder tasks and move them to other queues
Drag and drop tasks

Google Calendar Integration

Tasks with dates appear on your Google Calendar

2-way syncing allows you to make changes directly on your calendar
Google Calendar
Tasks with dates

Sharing & Collaboration

Share lists to create and edits tasks with others
Share lists and collaborate with others


Get reminders via text message, email or pop-up so you never forget a task
Set reminders for tasks
Google Calendar reminder


Tag tasks and then easily see all tasks with a particular tag
Tag tasks
View tasks by tag


Break down large tasks into manageable subtasks

Create as many levels of subtasks as you need
Create multiple levels of subtasks


Delegate tasks to others and monitor their progress
Assign tasks to others
View assigned tasks

Repeating Tasks

Set tasks to repeat based on a specific pattern
Recurring tasks
Set tasks to repeat

Smart Queues

Filter tasks based on a set of criteria
Filter tasks based on criteria

Mobile Apps

Manage tasks on the go with GQueues for Android and GQueues for iPhone & iPad
Manage tasks on the go with GQueues mobile apps
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Google Apps Integration

Install GQueues on your Google Apps domain for easy access in the app menu
Install the GQueues Gmail Gadget to turn emails into tasks
Integrate with Google Apps menu
Create tasks from Gmail
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