Leading a Virtual Team? You Need the Right Work Management Tool for the Job

How to use GQueues to lead your virtual teams

Jordan Matthews
Aug 23, 2021

These days, being an effective leader for your virtual team takes more than organizing Google Meet check-ins and sending emails back and forth. It takes trust and organization as a team to get the results you want. But building trust and maintaining productivity from behind a screen is challenging for most managers in today’s world. When your teammates aren’t together in person, how can you make sure everyone stays on top of their work?

Working online is more common than ever, with over 84% of companies offering remote work options for employees.

To be successful as a virtual leader you need the right work management tool to help you and your team organize your priorities and take care of business. Small business owners and leaders across industries turn to GQueues for online collaboration, ensuring their virtual team has what they need to succeed.

How can online collaboration tools make my team more productive?

Online collaboration tools make staying productive as a team super easy. Using work management tools for shared projects promotes communication, increases team engagement, and boosts productivity. Track project progress and stay informed at every level to create transparency and accountability, which are priceless when managing your virtual teams.

GQueues is the one-stop-shop where you can use all your Google products to manage your work in one convenient place. Import your Google Tasks or create new to-do lists, monitor project progress with Google Calendar, engage with your team members using assignments and comments, and access essential resources like Docs, Sheets, and Slides right from one tool. The best part is our Solution Center has free, customizable templates you can use to set up your ideal work management system based on your specific industry.

Here are 6 ways to use GQueues as your team’s ultimate collaborative work management tool:

1. Share your Google Tasks with the whole team

Import Google Tasks to collaborate with your teams

If your team’s action items aren’t somewhere in Google, do they even exist? Long gone are the days of sky-high stacks of lists of tasks cluttering up your desk. Now, the internet rules all. Using Google Sheets or Google Tasks for your virtual to-do list is fine, but it’s so much better to share your work and sync your Google products in one place. Collaborate with your colleagues without going back and forth between multiple platforms to manage your projects.

GQueues makes it simple to import your Google Tasks and turn them into online Teams where you delegate work, collaborate on each item, and keep track of what your team is doing, no matter how many different projects you have on your plate. It’s kind of like using Google Tasks, but for teams.

2. Conveniently access your Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides from one shared space

Link your to-do list to Google Drive to add Docs, Sheets, Slides, images, links, PDFs, and other files to your tasks so everyone on your team has the information and resources they need from one place. No more playing telephone or catching up on lost items due to simple misunderstandings. Now everyone on your team can see the same information from the same source. That means you don’t have to lie awake at night worrying about missing key details.

3. Hone in on one project at a time when you sync multiple Google Calendars

Whether you’re managing a team of one or leading multiple projects, it’s helpful to see all your to-do lists right from Google Calendar. Give each project its own calendar so your workflow is even more efficient. Since each list shows up on its own, you can show and hide calendars for different projects to focus on what needs your immediate attention. Plus, with real-time, two-way syncing, changes made in Calendar or GQueues will be automatically updated for the whole team.

Color-coded calendars help you stay organized

👉 Pro tip: Color-code each project-specific calendar to get a quick visual cue of the work you’re focusing on.

Here’s how to sync multiple Google calendars using GQueues:

  • In GQueues, create a Team for each of your projects, add team members, and set permissions.
  • Activate Calendar syncing from the Team settings page.
  • From Google Calendar, set Calendar names and colors so you know which information is linked to which projects.  

4. Effortlessly control who has access to sensitive information by setting permissions for your team members

Without lockable cabinets and erasable whiteboards, you need a way to manage privacy and keep track of who has control over need-to-know information. GQueues Teams allow you to add members by email address and set their member roles, or permissions. Each available role has different levels of access to your tasks, so managers have the permissions they need to create and delegate tasks, and interns can simply see what’s what and make comments. As a collaborative work management tool, having the ability to set permissions for your team is crucial so you can trust your ship’s running smoothly. Set team member permissions and GQueues will do the rest.

Manage permissions so your team has all the right information

5. Use your task lists with Google Calendar so the whole team meets important deadlines

Let’s face it, if your tasks don’t have a due date, you’ll probably keep putting them off. Setting a deadline is an important step toward completion. Deadlines and milestones let you know when you should set aside time to work on your project so you’re not scrambling at the last minute, which can affect the quality of your work (not to mention your mental health!)

With GQueues as your home base, communicating deadlines from one central place and setting clear expectations is simple. Use subtasks to divide larger projects into smaller steps so your team knows what should be worked on and when. Even if you or your teammates get distracted, reminders get you back on track by email or pop-up message. Activate reminders for the whole team so no one misses a beat. When you’re managing multiple projects, a lot can change, and fast! All changes are updated in real time so your team doesn’t have to do any extra work to keep up.

6. Build trust while collaborating with your virtual team

According to Glassdoor, transparency culture in the workplace is key to a company’s success. When employees are in-the-know and kept up-to-date with changes as they happen, they feel more comfortable, engaged, and valued as a member of the team. And when managers track project progress from within their work management tool, any inclination to micro-manage goes out the window! Employees have more autonomy and managers focus on their own work.

GQueues makes transparency culture a no-brainer. Employees know their input counts, and they feel trusted when they have control over their own work. Being able to see what their fellow coworkers are up to helps the team support each other toward completion of shared goals. When teammates see they’re a part of something bigger than themselves, you’d be surprised how effortlessly trust and productivity thrive!

Trust and productivity thrive with transparency in the workplace

Time to stop tracking to-do lists on your own and upgrade to a simple, collaborative work management tool your whole team can put to use. You need a system that supports transparency, accountability, and trust in the workplace so your team is confident in their ability to get the job done. GQueues is your new ground zero.

Log in with your Google credentials and start your two-week free trial now to give it a try for yourself!

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