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Google Cloud Partner Uses GQueues and G Suite to Deliver Business Technology Services to Clients

Ontario, Canada
Business Technology
8 employees
"GQueues is just simple and easy to use, and that's the great thing about it."
Cheryl Sweigman
Account Manager

Business Cloud Inc. is based in Toronto, Ontario, and specializes in helping businesses migrate from their current IT infrastructure to a cloud-based system. As an official Google Cloud Partner, their staff boast many skills, including being certified Deployment Specialists for G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps for Work). Business Cloud bundles their business technology packages with other cloud services and third party apps, including GQueues, to meet the varied needs of customers. Their team of specialists has created positive and lasting partnerships with small and medium-size businesses across Canada by managing all of their Business Technology from Mobile and networks to Apps and business processes. Business Cloud's unique model of providing unlimited customer support and training at a fixed price allows companies to save money, gain control and do more to grow their businesses.

Finding an Integrated System

Business Cloud formed four years ago when co-owners Evan Oberman and Greg Bertrand met at a Google conference. They were independent Google resellers at the time, both looking to expand their businesses. Given their complementary skills with Oberman's technical experience and Bertrand's business background, the partnership made a lot of sense. They joined forces to co-found Business Cloud in 2013 and over the last three years, hired their current staff of six employees.

Business Cloud's Account Manager, Cheryl Sweigman, explained that she actually wears many hats to keep the company running smoothly and ensure that customers are happy. In the beginning, she stayed organized using a paper planner, where she managed her work and personal to-do lists. "But my notebook stayed at my office, which I regretted on days I found myself working from home," Sweigman noted. While Business Cloud uses Mavenlink to organize their large projects, they have found it too complex for managing daily tasks. In 2015, one of their clients introduced them to GQueues and asked for support integrating it into their business technology infrastructure. Sweigman recalled that, "we started learning about GQueues and implementing it within our organization, and we fell in love with it. We found that GQueues has everything we need for daily task management."

Seamless Integration with G Suite

Sweigman explained that she and her team continue to use Mavenlink for their larger projects, but stated that GQueues fits much better for their daily operations. "They're on two opposite sides of the spectrum, but I personally like GQueues better for its simplicity and ease of use. GQueues helps you organize day-to-day tasks better," she noted. The whole Business Cloud team uses GQueues and appreciates the collaborative features that allow them to organize shared tasks as they onboard new clients. According to Sweigman, a queue is created to manage tasks for each client during the deployment phase, which typically lasts about three months. During that time, everything that needs to be done to get that client up and running is put into their queue and shared with the team. Sweigman will then assign tasks and subtasks to team members, and provide specific details in GQueues notes. The team communicates through Google Hangouts and uses GQueues as a reference for reviewing the progress of their tasks. Sweigman noted that the Google Drive integration allows them to share client documents with the team and keep them all in one place. "It's really nice to have a reference when we go to a client's queue, without having to open Google Drive separately."

"We started learning about GQueues and implementing it within our organization, and we fell in love with it."
Cheryl Sweigman
Account Manager

According to Sweigman, "The fact that GQueues is embedded in G Suite is very useful." The company was founded on G Suite so GQueues' integrations have made their work easier. "If someone emails you a task, you can automatically link it to GQueues to organize yourself better." Sweigman stated that she and her team really like how GQueues keeps everything in one place and allows everyone to see what's happening with their day-to-day work. Sweigman and Bertrand share the responsibility of tracking billing for Business Cloud using GQueues. She explained that when one or both of them is out of the office, they communicate via notes to make sure that nothing is missed. Bertrand also uses GQueues for weekly trainings. The team has a shared training queue where he uses the GQueues Chrome Extension throughout the week to gather links to resources such as Google updates and enhancements, which the team reviews together at the following meeting. This way, training materials can be added by any collaborators and checked off as they are accomplished.

Simple Solution, Big Results

Sweigman shared that "the best part of GQueues is that all of our tasks are in one place and accessible from anywhere. Instead of tasks hiding in an email or a Google Hangout message, they're all right there." Over the last two years GQueues has helped the Business Cloud team improve their organization and management of shared tasks, and increase communication. Team members know exactly what's going on with every client and what they're responsible for, and Sweigman can make sure that things are getting done on time. She noted that "GQueues is just simple and easy to use, and that's the great thing about it."

Sweigman explained that shortly after Business Cloud started using GQueues they began promoting it to their clients. In early 2016, they contacted the GQueues team to inquire about creating a partnership. Sweigman noted when they find an app they love, they will contact the vendor to see if working together might enhance both of their businesses. GQueues became one of the official products that Business Cloud offers to their clients in the summer of 2016. Now, companies can purchase GQueues as part of a bundle package, or as an add-on product. Sweigman explained that GQueues has attracted a lot of attention with their clients. "Shared task lists are a huge selling point. Then we show them the other wonderful features and they're usually hooked." She believes that Business Cloud's services, including GQueues, helps relieve stress for companies and she enjoys showing clients new features that will enhance their productivity. "We want our clients to focus on their mission statement and not stress about technology; together we help them achieve that."

If you are a Canadian business looking for help with your business technology, please contact Business Cloud for a seamless, full-service migration experience.

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