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Law Firm Doubles Client Base with GQueues and Google Apps

San Francisco, CA
4 employees
"GQueues has enabled us to take on twice as many cases as before."
Michael Martinovsky
Attorney at Law

The Law Offices of Michael Martinovsky are located in San Francisco, CA. Martinovsky Law represents cases in personal injury, general civil litigation, estate planning and wealth management, mediation and arbitration, intellectual property and international business, real estate and construction law. Their staff includes Michael Martinovsky, Attorney at Law, two Attorneys of Counsel and the Operations and Office Manager. The firm represents clients from the U.S., Israel, Egypt, Switzerland, Bahamas, Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Sakhalinsk.

Managing a Growing Client Base

After switching his entire company to the cloud, Michael Martinovsky, Attorney at Law realized he needed a better way to organize a growing business. Specifically, he wanted a platform to help his four-person team manage over 150 cases from the U.S. and abroad.

At the time, Martinovsky Law used email to assign and manage tasks for each case. This left room for error: team members forgetting who was responsible for each assignment, which case it concerned and when it was due. Martinovsky tried using the task manager in Microsoft Outlook, but found it lacked collaborative features and presented a high learning curve for his office. Martinovsky continued searching for a tool that could help the team assign tasks and collaborate better. He also wanted to organize clients in a way his team could easily track and manage.

In 2011, Martinovsky discovered GQueues through the Google Apps Marketplace. GQueues' integration with Google Apps was the biggest factor in selecting it as the company's task manager. It was also easy for the team to adopt. "GQueues is so simple, anyone can use it. It does not have a high learning curve like our previous task manager," Martinovsky noted. Finally, GQueues provided the collaborative features the team needed to organize and share information.

Simplified Teamwork with GQueues

Once the team adopted GQueues, they started collaborating through shared queues, subtasks and assignments. To organize their workload, they create tasks for each client case and assign subtasks to team members. Now everyone can see their own commitments, as well as responsibilities towards the entire team.

In addition, GQueues' Google Calendar integration allows the team to set deadlines for assigned tasks. Team members archive completed tasks so they have a clear record of what's been accomplished for past cases.

"Because we've organized our assignments with GQueues, we've been able to grow without fear of things getting lost."
Michael Martinovsky
Attorney at Law

The team uses the search functionality to quickly find cases by client name or details. They also use the GQueues Chrome Extension to create tasks in their browser window instead of logging into their GQueues account.

To track tasks on the go, Martinovsky relies on the GQueues mobile app. "If we can assign tasks from anywhere and track them from anywhere, that certainly helps our productivity," he noted. Since information is automatically synced from the mobile to the desktop version, the team stays updated in real time.

The mobile search feature is equally crucial. When Martinovsky is out of the office and a client calls, he searches for the case in the GQueues Android app and has all the details for the conversation. He also stores client contact information in GQueues, so he can initiate a call directly from the app.

Serving More Clients with Less Stress

Martinovsky Law has seen huge gains in productivity by using GQueues. "Because we've organized our assignments, we've been able to grow without fear of things getting lost," Martinovsky said. "GQueues has enabled us to take on twice as many cases as before."

Even with the increased workload, Martinovsky's team is able to excel in serving their clients. Shared queues keep all case details visible and organized. As a result, team members complete their tasks and assignments with the most up to date information. Martinovsky's team also sends fewer emails because tasks are assigned and tracked through GQueues.

With GQueues' Google Calendar integration, teams know when each task is due. This helps prevent work from falling through the cracks and gives team members the peace of mind to focus on other priorities. Martinovsky Law is also able to provide more efficient service because case information can be quickly searched on the GQueues web version and mobile app.

Looking back, Martinovsky said moving to GQueues four years ago has enabled Martinovsky Law to manage its growing business while delivering exceptional service to clients.

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