What we've been up to...

New Design

The design has been updated to a fresh, modern look and comes with a number of improvements to functionality as well. Read more
June 28, 2021

GQueues for Google Workspace Add-on

The add-on allows you manage your tasks directly inside Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive. Create tasks out of emails, complete tasks from Google Calendar, and modify tasks details from anywhere. Read more
October 22, 2020

Search Improvements

Search in GQueues now supports partial-word search, fuzzy search and 9 new search fields. Read more
April 13, 2020

Team Queues

Team Queues allow you to easily collaborate with your team and organize work together. Shared team calendars, shared tags and flexible permissions will help your team be more productive. Read more
July 23, 2019

GQueues for Gmail Add-on

The Add-on works in any browser, as well as the Gmail Android app, and allows you to create tasks in Gmail, attach emails to existing tasks, modify existing tasks and view tasks already associated with emails. Read more
December 3, 2018


View deleted tasks in the Trash and restore accidentally deleted tasks as needed. Read more
July 17, 2018

GQueues for Google Calendar Chrome Extension

View additional task details and mark tasks complete directly from Google Calendar. Read more
January 9, 2018


View the history of all activity in a queue. With the Activity panel you can now easily track and review changes made by collaborators. Read more
July 25, 2017


Now you can get email and web notifications for ANY change in a shared queue. This full set of notifications helps you easily stay on the same page with your team. You can also choose which notifications you want to receive to keep things from getting too noisy. Read more
July 25, 2017

Queue Details

The new Queue Details panel allows you to easily see who has access to a queue and write notes for the entire queue. Read more
July 25, 2017


Discuss task details with collaborators and keep work moving forward. The Comments feature is our biggest improvement towards simplifying teamwork! Read more.
July 26, 2016

Improved Task Overview and Link to a Task

You can now add and re-order subtasks in the improved Task Overview. View the Task Overview by double-clicking any task in a Smart Queue or search results. Also, now you can link directly to a task, which can help when you need to reference a task from a comment or other task.
May 6, 2016

Create Google Docs, Sheets and Slides from GQueues

You can now create new Google Docs, Sheets and Slides from GQueues and attach them to a task all in one step. Read more
January 21, 2016

Re-designed Date Window

The date popup window has been completely redesigned and is now cleaner, faster and more flexible. Read more
December 4, 2015

Updated iOS App

4 great new features were added to the iOS app: Today Extension, Sharing Extension, Background Syncing and Saved Searches. See how these changes can transform your use of GQueues on iOS. Watch the video
August 7, 2015


GQueues now remembers where you are, so you can hit the back and forward buttons in your browser, create bookmarks to specific queues and refresh the page without losing your place. Full details here
April 3, 2015

Saved Searches on Android

Saved Searches are now accessible in the Android app. Full details here
April 3, 2015

Performance Improvements

GQueues was starting to slow down in certain spots so we spent several weeks working on performance improvements so queues now load faster, changes save faster and syncing is quicker.
March 3, 2015

GQueues Chrome Extension Updated

We updated the GQueues Chrome Extension to make it faster and easier to use. Watch the video
February 10, 2015

GQueues for Gmail Chrome Extension

The GQueues for Gmail Chrome Extension allows you to turn emails into tasks and clear out your inbox. Link to an email, or attach the email itself to the task and view it directly inside GQueues. Full details here
November 4, 2014

Attachments & Google Drive Integration

GQueues now allows you to attach files to tasks! Attach existing documents and folders from Google Drive, upload files from your computer by simply dragging them onto a task, and even take pictures or record voice notes from your mobile device. Full details here
August 5, 2014

Updated Android App

The updated Android app has many new features including a new quick view widget for the homescreen and lockscreen, adjustable font-size for tasks, a DashClock extension, homescreen shortcuts and Google Now integration.

Watch video overview

March 20, 2014

Google Tasks Import Tool

People who have used Google Tasks in the past can now import their data into GQueues for a quick and easy transition. Full details here
Feb 17, 2014

Easier Sharing

The sharing window has been completely re-designed to make it easier to share queues with others including auto-complete searching of your Google Contacts. Get the full details here
Jan 30, 2014

Quick Add to Shared Queues

Now when using the GQueues Gmail Gadget, Chrome Extension, Bookmarklet and Quick Add Window you can add tasks directly to queues shared with you.
Jan 30, 2014

More Keyboard Shortcuts

A ton of new keyboard shortcuts have been added including ones to open any queue, move tasks to other queues, postpone tasks and set times and reminders.
Jan 30, 2014

Upgraded, Unified Login

GQueues has upgraded to a newer, more secure login system (OAuth2) and now has a single login button to serve both Gmail and Google Apps users.
Dec 17, 2013

Upgraded Google Calendar Integration

GQueues has upgraded its highly popular Google Calendar integration to provide faster, more robust 2-way syncing and enable queues to load much quicker now.
Dec 2, 2013

New Payment Platform

GQueues has integrated a new payment platform which simplifies purchasing subscriptions. A Google Wallet account is no longer required, and you can now checkout directly with a credit card or use an existing PayPal account.
Nov 19, 2013


Find tasks quickly no matter where they are with the new search feature. Save searches as Smart Queues for advanced organization.
Get the full details here
Oct 1, 2013

GQueues for iPhone™ & iPad™

The GQueues app for iPhone and iPad is now available on the App Store. This native app runs on devices with iOS 6.0 and above, and features a fast, clean interface that Apple users expect. Reliable syncing, voice input, and intuitive design make it the perfect way to stay organized on the go.
Watch the video or download it now to try it yourself.
July 18, 2013

GQueues for Android™

The new GQueues app for Android is now available on Google Play. Built from the ground-up, the native GQueues Android app features reliable background syncing, voice input of tasks and home-screen widgets for quick access. With a customized layout for both phones and tablets, and compatibility with Android 2.2 and above, the GQueues app for Android provides an optimal user experience on a wide array of devices.
Watch the video or download it now to try it yourself.
Jan 31, 2013

Increased Security

GQueues now uses a secure, 128-bit encrypted connection throughout the app to protect your data from any hackers. GQueues' new SSL certificate provides the same level of security that you find at most banking websites. When you see https in the address bar you can relax knowing your tasks are safe and secure.
July 31, 2012

New Look

A fresh, clean, new look makes everything easier to read. Overdue tasks are now highlighted with red dates and choosing the compact view lets you see more tasks at once. Tags now appear in color along with the option to sort and group by tag. Task creation dates can now be displayed and a pop-up keyboard shortcut reference helps you become even more efficient.
May 11, 2012

Shared Tags

Tags now appear on tasks shared with you and you can add or remove tags from tasks in collaborative queues. See all tasks for a certain tag, whether you created the task or it was shared with you.
February 23, 2012

Broader Smart Queues

Smart Queues now include tasks assigned to you and shared with you so you can see everything in one place.
February 23, 2012

Drag Anywhere

Now you can drag tasks anywhere. Get organized faster by viewing tasks in Smart Queues and dragging them to new queues. Collborate with others easier with the ability to drag tasks from your own queues to shared queues, and back.
January 9, 2012

Cross Off Tasks

Choose between completing and archiving tasks, or crossing them off, but keeping them active. Read how you can configure the checkmark action to suit your preference.
December 17, 2011

Task Duration

For tasks with dates or times you can now set the duration and it will be reflected on Google Calendar. See here for more info.
December 6, 2011

Date OR Tag Smart Queue

There is now an option in Smart Queues to filter by date OR tag. Create a Smart Queue for all items due today OR tagged today and easily see your workload all in one place.
November 30, 2011

Insert Anywhere

Now you can insert tasks anywhere in a queue. Use the Add Item buttons to add tasks at the top or bottom of the queue. Keyboard shortcuts let you insert directly above or below the current task.
October 29, 2011

Tag Panel

The new Tag Panel makes it easy to see a list of tasks with a specific tag.
August 12, 2011

Optimized Layout

GQueues has a new optimized layout to help you manage tasks more efficiently. See all the changes here.
July 26, 2011

More Security

GQueues now uses a secure, encrypted connection for all communication with your Google Calendar and Contacts.
July 17, 2011

Clear Completed Tasks

You can now delete all completed tasks in a queue with just one click.
June 28, 2011

Assignments for Everyone

Everyone can now view, comment on, and complete tasks that have been assigned to them. A subscription is only required for the person actually assigning the tasks to others. More info.
June 13, 2011

GQueues Mobile

Edit and manage your tasks on the go, even offline, with the new GQueues Mobile version.
May 1, 2011

View Tasks Offline

Now you can view tasks offline when your phone doesn't have a network connection. This is the second of three phases to bring offline functionality to GQueues.
March 14, 2011

Create Tasks Offline

Now you can create tasks offline when your phone doesn't have a network connection. This is the first of three phases to bring offline functionality to GQueues.
February 8, 2011

Chrome Extension

Create tasks from any web page with the new GQueues Chrome Extension. Watch how easy it is to use in the video tutorial.
October 20, 2010

Task Counters

Queues now display the number of open tasks with their title so you no longer have to open a queue to see how much you still have to work on.
October 13, 2010

Gmail Gadget for Google Apps Users

Convert emails into GQueues tasks right within the email itself.
September 24, 2010

Print Settings

When you print a queue you can now choose a print size and whether to show notes, tags, subtasks and assignments.
August 13, 2010

Default Reminder

You can now set a default reminder that will be used for all new tasks with dates or times.
August 4, 2010

More Repeat Options

You can now set tasks to repeat based on the date you complete them. So if you're late finishing a task, the next instance will adjust accordingly. Read more info
July 26, 2010

More Queue Colors

Choose from more options now when setting a queue's color.
July 21, 2010

Assignments on Calendar

Tasks assigned to you now appear on your calendar with the rest of your tasks so you can see everything that's due.
June 25, 2010

Custom Layout

Customize the layout of GQueues to suit your preferences. And now GQueues remembers what categories were expanded or collapsed.
June 17, 2010

Quick Add Window

The Quick Add Window lets you create multiple tasks at once with dates, tags, reminders, subtasks - and even place them in multiple queues.
May 25, 2010

"Smarter" Queues

Choose from more options for Smart Queues - tasks without dates, tasks from a certain category or queue, tasks assigned to someone, or even the next tasks you should be working on! See the docs for all the details.
May 17, 2010

Add to Google Apps

Admins can now add GQueues to their Google Apps domain for even tighter integration - and it's FREE!
April 30, 2010


Assign tasks to others and track the status of work! Check out the assignments video to see how GQueues can simplify managing tasks with a team.
March 25, 2010


Backup your data to a local file for an extra sense of security.
March 3, 2010

Revised Subtasks

You asked for better subtasks and we listened. Watch the subtasks video to see how easy it is now to work with subtasks.
February 23, 2010

Improved Keyboard Shortcuts

See how to use the improved, simple, easy to remember keyboard shortcuts to work blazingly fast.
February 23, 2010

Recurring Tasks

Manage repeating tasks clean and simply with the re-designed recurring feature.
February 13, 2010

Create Tasks Bookmarklet

Create tasks from email or any website with the new bookmarklet.
February 4, 2010


Take your lists to a whole new level with subtasks! Watch the video tutorial to see how to get started.
January 14, 2010


Organize tasks in all kinds of ways with the power of tagging !
December 28, 2009

Custom Smart Queues

Make your own custom smart queues to grab tasks by dates and tags that you specify.
December 28, 2009

Google Apps Support

Login with your Google Apps account to use GQueues at work or school! Tasks post to your Apps calendar and your Apps contacts are pulled in for easy sharing.
December 10, 2009


You can now add items via email, instant message or directly in Google Calendar. Check your Inbox queue for new items and organize them when convenient.
November 13, 2009

Quick Add

Save yourself a few clicks by typing the date and time as part of the description when creating a new item!
November 13, 2009

Reorder by Date

Bring items with due dates to the top of a queue with the new reorder by date feature.
November 2, 2009


Accidentally delete an item from you queue? Now you can undo!
October 27, 2009

Video Tutorials

Watch the new video tutorials for in-depth instructions on GQueues features.
October 19, 2009

Duplicate Items

Need to create several similar tasks? Make a base "template" and then use the duplicate items feature to quickly generate copies to tweak as necessary!
September 17, 2009

GQueues Gadget for iGoogle & Google Calendar

Add the new GQueues Gadget to Google Calendar or your iGoogle homepage for quick access to your lists! You can now view overdue and upcoming items on your homepage and mark them complete right inside iGoogle.
September 5, 2009


Never forget about an item in GQueues with the new reminders feature! Choose how you want to be notified, either by email, pop-up window, or text message on your phone.
August 25, 2009


Due dates are great, but often you want to set a specific time for a task to begin. Add times to your due dates when you need to be precise.
August 25, 2009

Keyboard Shortcuts

Do everything faster now with keyboard shortcuts!
June 21, 2009

Queue Descriptions

Want to write a note about the entire queue? Now you can with queue descriptions.
June 21, 2009

Improved Help

GQueues Help has been desperately calling for an update for quite awhile. Check out the improved pages to get answers to your questions.
June 21, 2009


Create queues together with family and friends now with the new collaboration feature. On any queue choose "Share" and then add people as "Collaborators." They will then have full access to that queue and can add, change and rearrange any of the items.
May 23, 2009


Write notes on any item in your lists now to capture all the details. You can even paste in links to create a super-duper note.
May 16, 2009

iPhone Version

Now you can take your lists with you on the go with the new version of GQueues for iPhone and iPod Touch. Read all the details and start using GQueues on your iPhone.
April 28, 2009


Want to share your queues with the world? Now you can publish your queues and embed them in your blog or other web pages. Anyone can view a published queue and import it into their own account.
April 12, 2009

Copy Queues

Copy an existing queue to use it as a starting point for a new list.
April 12, 2009


Now you can add dates to items in your queue for better planning and tracking.
March 8, 2009

Google Calendar Integration

Items with due dates can now be directly integrated with your Google Calendar. A special GQueues calendar is created for your Google Account to keep things separated from your normal calendar events.
March 8, 2009

Smart Queues

We've rolled out three new "Smart Queues" to help you manage items with due dates.
March 8, 2009


Now you can share your queues with friends and family to keep them in the loop. Choose which queues you want to share, and who you want to have access by typing in email addresses or picking from your Google Contacts.
February 22, 2009

Drag n' Drop

Rearrange your categories, drag and drop queues into different categories, move items to new queues - you now have control to manage queues the way you want.
February 8, 2009