Event Planning

Deliver successful events while staying calm under pressure - from client and lead tracking, to resource management, to centralized documentation, GQueues keeps your events on track and your clients happy!

Manage multiple events with confidence and ease

Event planning involves constant coordination and collaboration among multiple stakeholders inside and outside of your organization. The GQueues Event Planning Solution ensures you and your team stay on top of it all with full collaboration among you, your vendors and even your clients!

The GQueues Event Planning Solution helps you seamlessly manage your business with increased insight into resources, budgets, vendors and more. GQueues helps ensure that no task is forgotten and no due dates are missed, relieving stress and giving you a competitive advantage in what is often a high pressure situation to perform.

Manage budgets, schedules, and resources so nothing falls through the cracks

As an event planning professional, you are well aware of the many moving pieces that must come together for a successful event such as a wedding or industry trade show. A well-coordinated effort among your team, your vendors, and your clients leads to successful events, happy customers and new business opportunities. This is especially important for a small to medium-sized event planning business working on multiple events.

Key Benefits

Book more business while minimizing mistakes (and your stress)

  1. Increase collaboration among your team, vendors and clients - Eliminate your manual processes and systems that don't talk to each other, while centralizing information and communication. Everything you need to run your business - even assigning and tracking vendor and client tasks with due dates and notifications - is handled by GQueues and easily in reach from your laptop or mobile device.
  2. Keep events on schedule and under budget - Seamlessly stay on top of budgets, schedules, checklists, and ever-changing client requests. The GQueues Event Planning Solution gives you all the data and reporting capability to track each aspect of an event.
  1. Build stronger relationships with clients and vendors - Expertly manage relationships by keeping detailed information on clients and vendors internally, such as likes/dislikes, dietary restrictions, family member names, etc. Capture separate comments specific to an event but visible to all (your team, vendors and clients involved with that event) to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  2. Centralize all company and event information - GQueues maintains your internal and proprietary information such as templates, checklists, budgets, and schedules for your team's eyes only, while creating a separate location for those documents shared with vendors and clients as needed.

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What's in the box?

  • Preloaded, color-coded tags allow you to track and report on anything that is important to you such as the account representative assigned to an event, the event type, referral name, vendor type, approved vendors, and more. Customize the tag names and colors, and make as many new tags as you want!
  • Flexible permission levels allow you to determine who can view, modify and comment on tasks and resources. This enables you to confidently collaborate with your team, your vendors and even your clients.
  • Centralized document management guarantees that all of your important documents, checklists, pictures, videos, and other files are easily organized and accessed from one location. Simply add a document as an attachment to a task or drag and drop files directly from your desktop!
  • Workflow checklists ensure that everyone is working from the same time-tested list of tasks so that nothing falls through the cracks. A workflow checklist becomes a dynamic feature by assigning its tasks to one or more people and including a due date with notifications.
  • Powerful search functionality lets you quickly locate any information such as details on a specific client or vendor, client contracts and engagement letters, event workflow checklists, and anything else you store in GQueues.
  • Integration with Google Calendar, Gmail, Chrome and Drive makes organizing and planning an event even easier. GQueues' real-time syncing with Google's productivity tools means you spend less time switching between apps and more time accomplishing your work.
  • Comment tracking allows your team, vendors, and clients to add comments to any task, such as a client's opinion on a venue or flower arrangement. GQueues ensures history and traceability by automatically tracking the comment's author as well as the date and time the comment was made.
  • Smart Queues deliver advanced reporting capability on any information you track such as leads, clients, vendors, and venues. Start with the Smart Queues provided such as viewing your clients by the assigned account representative or listing your favorite vendors. Then create custom-tailored Smart Queues to meet your needs, ensuring your team is organized and working on top priorities first.

We provide the foundation, you make it your own

The GQueues Event Planning Solution is ideal for any small or medium-sized event planning company wishing to centralize, streamline and grow their business. This solution includes centralized documentation, assignable tasks with due dates and notifications, and Google integration, providing increased productivity and visibility into all of your events so you can expertly manage your business.

Our intuitive, all-in-one, cloud-based Event Planning Solution is a completely customizable foundation that allows you to focus on the many moving parts of an event, resulting in a happy client experience.

Import and begin customizing your GQueues Event Planning Solution to take your event planning business to the next level and to help ensure your events are successfully delivered on time and under budget!