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Balance it all - from training, recruiting and onboarding, to compliance and policies, GQueues saves you valuable time while keeping your employees productive and happy!

Venture to the virtual, conquer complexities, and stop scrambling

The recent push to go virtual is huge and continues to gain momentum, leaving many HR teams scrambling to meet the needs of their employees and maintain the mountains of associated paperwork. The GQueues HR Solution helps you and other busy HR professionals address the increasing complexities of the remote/mobile workforce that has become the norm for today's work environment and that of the future.

The GQueues HR Solution provides the platform for you to launch or re-launch your HR department into the modern environment of workflow, automated notifications and task management. GQueues helps you get on top of everything from maintaining company policies and updating employee records, to recruiting for new positions and coordinating employee relations activities.

Train and retain great employees and never miss a beat

As an HR professional, you are well aware that a remote workforce requires coordinated efforts among HR, employees, management and job candidates. Even for a small organization, it can be a huge challenge to manage training, recruiting, interviewing, compliance, policies and procedures, and all of the due dates and associated paperwork!

Key Benefits

Save your sanity while boosting your performance

  1. Increase productivity, save time and minimize mistakes - Eliminate your manual processes and disparate spreadsheets that don't talk to each other. By moving into GQueues' cloud-based solution, you no longer need to burn your valuable time maintaining multiple outdated systems with duplicate information.
  2. Boost visibility into your workforce - Seamlessly stay on top of performance reviews, employee concerns, new hires, and long lists of job candidates; rendering recruiting chaos, employee churn, and poor employee management and relations nightmares things of the past.
  1. Track and train your top talent - Keep detailed tabs on your candidates, facilitate mentoring of existing employees, and accelerate returns on your hiring investments virtually - the GQueues HR Solution enables your workforce to go remote and your talent pool to expand, increasing competition for your job postings (and keeps salaries in check)!
  2. Grow and go remote! - Whether your workforce is 2 or 2,000, on laptops, iPhones, iPads, Androids, or a complete mix, your remote workforce will have full functionality from any device.

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See how you can assemble the HR templates into a powerful solution to manage your HR organization.

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What's in the box?

  • Preloaded, color-coded tags allow you to track and report on anything that is important to you such as the job boards you have posted positions to, manager interest levels in candidates, and employee performance. Customize the tag names and colors and make as many new tags as you want!
  • Built-in web and email alerts notify you in real-time when your candidates complete essential paperwork, a position has been filled by your recruiter, training material has been updated, or anything else you decide that is important for the way you run your business.
  • Powerful search functionality lets you quickly locate any information such as details on a specific employee, paperwork for a new hire, ADA audits, company policies and procedures, and open or closed positions and their associated details.
  • Unlimited notes for each task capture specific HR details such as hot items for a position, notes on candidates or anything else that you feel is important to capture.
  • Tracked comments allow team collaborators to add individual comments to any task, such as a teammate's opinion on a job candidate's abilities. GQueues ensures history and traceability by automatically tracking the comment's author as well as the date and time the comment was made.
  • Flexible task management can be used for complicated tasks with multiple documents, assignments and due dates, or simple, but important checklists such as those for onboarding new employees.
  • Smart Queues generate reports with meaningful information on positions, candidates, performance reviews and more. Custom-tailor your Smart Queues to meet your needs, ensuring your team is organized and working on top priorities first. For example, show all software engineer candidates who have completed the interview stage.

We provide the foundation, you make it your own

The GQueues HR Solution is ideal for managing all aspects of your remote human capital, including job postings, candidate resumes and applications, company policies and procedures, compliance audits and much more.

Our intuitive, all-in-one, cloud-based solution is a completely customizable foundation for you that takes away the distractions, and modernizes and consolidates multiple old methods, allowing you to focus on the work at hand - and on your bottom line!

Import and begin customizing your GQueues HR Solution to meet your specific needs today so your HR team never misses a beat!

GQueues delivers to human resources professionals

GQueues already helps many HR teams streamline their work with its flexible, organizing capability.

Food for the Hungry delivers emergency food supplies and sanitation solutions across the world and depends on GQueues for successful management of their daily operations!

Sarah Dalrymple
Sarah Dalrymple
Global HR Manager
Food for the Hungry
"GQueues allows our team to accomplish a large volume of work efficiently. I look at it and I think, 'I am a fan.' "