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Stay organized even when you have work for lots of clients.

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Works with: GQueues for BUSINESS
Works with: All GQueues plans

Why you'll love this template

When you’re consulting or freelancing, you need to be able to keep your work for different clients straight. This template helps you organize all your projects so you can quickly see what you’re doing for each client, without everything overflowing in a single queue. 

Plus the New Client Checklist makes it easy to get set up when you add a new client to your portfolio. Just duplicate the queue, rename it with the client, and follow the steps to get the information you need and get the project rolling!

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Tips to get started

  • Edit the New Client Checklist queue so it’s specific to your business. Remove steps, delete them, attach files, do whatever you need to do so when you get a new client, your to-do list is ready.
  • If you only have a few clients at a time, and you’re doing complex projects for them, try making one team per client. That way you can use the queues for stages or areas of the work.
  • Use this template as a jumping off point, and edit as much as you need. The most important thing is that it works for you.

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