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Direct Report Management

Get a transparent setup so you can manage your team with confidence.

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Works with: GQueues for BUSINESS
Works with: All GQueues plans

Why you'll love this template

The Direct Report Management template gives you a fast and easy way to stay in the loop about what your direct reports are working on, without micromanaging or over-scheduling meetings. Whether you’re working remotely or in-office, just import this template to get a private Team for your report to track their goals, what they’re focusing on at the moment, and any questions they have for your regular one-on-one meetings. 

Plus, the 1:1 Agenda queue comes with questions to help folks new to one-on-ones get an idea for what to expect. This setup is ideal for managers who don’t want a heavy-handed approach, and those who want to encourage transparency and trust in the workplace.

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Tips to get started

  • Import this template for all of your direct reports.
  • Keep this team private between you and your direct report.
  • Encourage your reports to use their private teams as the primary place to manage the tasks they’re currently working on.
  • Combine with Team Queues for all of your team members based on specific projects or areas of focus.

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