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Human Resources

Run your HR operations with ease, so you can hire, train, and retain the best talent.

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Why you'll love this template

When you’re running a small business, it can be hard to find time to make sure you’re following best practices on the administrative side of things. But successful HR is critical to a successful business! The Human Resources template comes already loaded with helpful checklists for hiring, onboarding, managing, and offboarding employees, so you can get started on the right foot.

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Tips to get started

  • Import into your account and know the checklists are there for reference whenever you need them.
  • Add to the checklists so they’re specific to your business. Think, skill tests you definitely want to include in hiring, or software all new hires need access to. 
  • Create new queues as needed. You might have one for your hiring rounds. Or make one for the regular HR admin tasks you need to do, like approving timesheets.

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