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Migration Project

Plan and track a migration project so all items are accounted for and moved over.

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Works with: GQueues for BUSINESS
Works with: All GQueues plans

Why you'll love this template

When you’re migrating to a new software, whether it’s a database, coding language, blog host, or ticketing system, a reliable organizational system is everything. Good project management is the difference between a seamless transition and ending up in a new system without all of your data.

The Migration Project template makes it simple to take stock of the project and understand the total scope. Then you can easily move items through their stages until the entire migration is complete. No over-complication, just a clear setup to make sure everything’s covered.

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Tips to get started

  • Fill in the To Be Migrated queue first so you can better plan your time. Enter each item to be migrated over, adding links or file paths as appropriate.
  • Add more queues as needed if there are several stages the items need to move through.
  • Consider adding tags to track smaller steps within a larger stage.

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