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Reference Materials

Collect and organize ideas, websites, and training materials for you to easily find and reference later.

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Works with: GQueues for BUSINESS
Works with: All GQueues plans

Why you'll love this template

Work isn’t just about action items from meetings or replying to emails. It’s long-term strategizing, coaching your direct reports, and finding that article you read a year ago to share with your team.

This template makes it easy to save those items for later. Whether it’s training materials, productivity methodologies, or ideas you don’t have time to tackle now but want to log away for the future. This makes it easy to reference those materials when you have time, but keeps them out of your day-to-day to limit distraction and overwhelm.

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Tips to get started

  • Use these queues as a starting point, but add more as you need them. And continue to add reference materials to the existing collections!
  • You can attach files too! Mix and match websites and downloaded files on a single task.
  • Use tags to further categorize these materials so it’s quick to sort through each queue and find what you need.

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