The Ultimate 2022 Glow Up: Behind GQueues' New Look

What's new with our look and why we made the changes

Jordan Matthews
Jan 3, 2022
4 min

This past year GQueues has seen lots of changes.

’re proud to say our growth is because of our community. If we’re helping you have the best experience possible and taking your feedback seriously, then we’re doing our job right.

That’s why this year we made some major moves. In June, we updated the look and feel of the app on the web and added some new features, all thanks to feedback from our user community. It’s more modern, but it’s also more intuitive and simpler to use.

We also rolled out a brand new help center with over a hundred articles. It’s easier to navigate and search so you can find the info you need to use GQueues to the max. 

But the biggest update yet? Our new website. But before we get into it, let’s talk a little bit about our thinking behind the changes. 

What does GQueues stand for?

Small business success

We understand the needs of small business owners like you, since we’re a small business too! That’s why we’re all about supporting you in running your business.

Seamless Google syncing

GQueues was designed to seamlessly work alongside Google products with real-time, two-way Calendar syncing and Gmail, Chrome, and Workspace integration. Our Google-focus isn’t going anywhere.

Power of prioritization

Ordered lists encourage prioritization of what’s most important, so you can check off the big stuff and reduce stress overall. 


You’re already wearing lots of hats. So why make things more complicated? GQueues’ simple design is intuitive, so you can focus on getting things done with your team instead of confronting an endless learning curve. 

Thriving customers

We listen to your feedback! Our app has evolved thanks to GQueues users making suggestions for how things can work better. And we have a stellar customer care team accessible by chat to answer your questions and ensure it keeps running smoothly. 

Long term commitment

We’ve worked hard to build a successful business with a sustainable model. We’re committed to being here in the long run for everyone who relies on GQueues to organize their work and life. 

Our brand new look

New site, same GQueues

The internet has come a long way from dial-up, GeoCities, and AOL instant messenger. And since its creation in 2009, GQueues has evolved from being an app shared between a few friends into a robust work management tool small business owners all over the world rely on to run their whole show. 

It was time to make some changes so that growth could continue. We needed a new way to show people more of who we are. 

So we created a new website, with help from the very talented designers at BRIX Agency. From the visuals, to the copy, to the organization, it’s easier to learn what GQueues does, and if it’s right for you. Now you can browse the homepage, check out GQueues’ features, and learn more about our integrations with Google without complicated navigation. And if you want to hear customer stories or browse the blog page, you’ll love the updated look and feel as you scroll. Vivid images showcase more of GQueues’ simple and sophisticated design. And bright colors express more of our personality. 

A colorful makeover

For the longest time, GQueues had one color - blue (or GQueues blue, as we like to call it). We still love that blue. But we thought our new logo and website had more to say. That’s why we added in a few more! 

Thankfully, GQueues blue is here to stay, but lively purple, teal, yellow and pink mix things up in a great way. And for those of us who love to color code (guilty!) there’s joy in identifying themes and making your queues and tags colorific, so you can get organized in style. We figured our logo and website should be just as fun. 😊

A whole new logo

Instead of just seeing “GQueues” or the letter “Q” like in the good ol’ days, we wanted a new way to encompass some of our favorite things about the app. We wanted a symbol that represents what GQueues can bring to the table. Like how easy it is to prioritize. And how satisfying it feels to free up mental space when you get organized and check tasks off your list. 

Now came the question - how would we get a logo to include aaaaaalll of that? We tried lots of different designs, lots of shapes, and lots of color combinations. In the end, we landed on having three angled lines stacked on top of each other with a checkmark to tie it all together.  It encompasses one central idea: GQueues makes prioritization simple. The lines need to have an order, just like your tasks need an order in their queue. Numbered lists emphasize what’s most important so you can get that done first

And why the checkmark? Well, everyone’s favorite part about work management tools is that dopamine rush when you can mark something complete. ✔️ It’s visual proof you’re making progress. And that feels really good to see. 

As a bonus, we’re proudly based in Boulder, Colorado. And if you look twice, you might notice the logo looks a lot like our home mountain range, the Flatirons. 

A new slogan to match

“Prioritize your way to peace of mind.” 

From the beginning, GQueues was meant to help you decrease stress, and increase happiness. That’s why we're all about prioritization. 

Because it's not just about making a list of everything you have to get done. The reality is, you won’t get everything done. There’s just not enough time in the day. But what you can do is make sure you’re doing work that’s impactful and meaningful. You need to be able to take stock of it all and then make an intentional choice of where you focus your energy. Without a clear understanding of your priorities, that's just not going to happen. GQueues can help. 

GQueues encourages you to order your lists based on priority. This way, you know the most important stuff is at the forefront. Even if you don’t finish everything, you can still relax at the end of the day knowing the biggest items got completed. That’s the peace of mind we’re here for!

It’s been a busy year for us here at GQueues HQ: from interface updates, to logo changes, to a new website. Things may look different, but we’re still the same crew, in it for the long run. Ready to support you in getting organized and getting done what’s most important to you. And GQueues is still the same tool you can rely on to create your ideal work/life balance.

About the author
Jordan Matthews
Customer Care Specialist

When I'm not writing blog posts and help articles, I'm chatting with customers. I help you get the answers you're looking for so GQueues runs as smoothly as possible for you and your teams. And who would I be without my oatmilk latte in the morning? ☕️

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