GQueues Named Google Apps Premier Technology Partner

Cameron Henneke
Jun 10, 2014
1 min

CHICAGO, IL, June 10, 2014 - GQueues, a leading task manager for Google Accounts, has joined the recently launched technology track of the Google Apps Partner Program as one of its first Premier Technology Partners.

As a top-tier member of the Partner Program, GQueues has access to a range of technical, marketing and support resources from Google which will allow for even richer product integrations, including GQueues’ upcoming Attachments feature built around Google Drive. In addition, GQueues looks forward to working with Google on various joint go-to-market efforts to expand the Google Apps ecosystem and bring collaborative solutions to organizations ready to move to the cloud.

Since its founding in 2009, GQueues has focused on maximizing user productivity by offering seamless integrations with Google products and services. As one of the first apps on the original Google Apps Marketplace launched in 2010, and a launch partner for the new Marketplace in 2013, GQueues has an extensive history bringing its task management solution to Google Apps customers worldwide. Now as a Premier Technology Partner, GQueues looks to build on its experience by working more closely with Google. “What I’m most excited about is using the benefits Google offers its Premier Technology Partners to make GQueues even more intuitive and streamlined for users,” says GQueues founder Cameron Henneke.

GQueues’ acceptance into the Partner Program seems natural considering the response from organizations using both Google Apps and GQueues. In recently published case studies several businesses cited GQueues’ deep integration with Google Apps as the key factor that distinguished it from other tools. Consequently, GQueues heartily welcomes the opportunity to work with Google on this new level to continue providing users with the best experience possible.

About GQueues: Founded in 2009 by Chicago-based entrepreneur Cameron Henneke, GQueues is a full-featured task manager for Google Accounts and Google Apps accounts available on the web, along with Android and iOS apps. Its intuitive interface and seamless integration with Google Calendar, Contacts and Gmail makes it easy for users to get started and actually focus on the work at hand. GQueues helps businesses worldwide and is one of the top productivity apps in the Google Apps Marketplace.

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I love building products! And Python. And dark chocolate. When I'm not leading the team at GQueues, I can be found running ultras on the trails of the Rocky Mountains.

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