How to Sync Tasks to Different Google Calendars

Stay focused with project-specific Google Calendars

Cameron Henneke
Sep 23, 2019

If you already use GQueues to manage tasks, chances are you get a lot of value from its real-time, 2-way syncing with Google Calendar. It’s our most popular Google integration for good reason: being able to manage tasks in the context of all your other scheduled activities is invaluable.

Until recently, your tasks could only sync to a single GQueues calendar. We’ve taken this integration to the next level, and now you can sync tasks to multiple Google Calendars, giving you more freedom and flexibility as you manage your tasks.

Syncing tasks to different calendars allows you to:

  • Set distinct colors for sets of tasks to improve visual organization
  • Show or hide sets of tasks as needed to reduce clutter in Google Calendar
  • Make collaborative tasks visible to others while keeping personal tasks private

Set up multiple calendars and take advantage of these benefits with a few simple steps.

Steps to Sync Tasks to Different Calendars:

1. Create a “Team” in GQueues

This can be a real team in your organization, or just a project name. Each “Team” gets its own calendar in Google Calendar, so consider what tasks and queues you want to group together when creating a team.

2. Import existing queues to the team, or add new ones

It’s easy to move existing queues to a team with the import tool. You can also create new queues in a team at any time.

3. Activate syncing with Google Calendar

The activation process will create a separate calendar in Google Calendar, and if you’ve added team members they will automatically get access to this new calendar.

Using the “Teams” feature to sync tasks to different calendars gives you the power to organize work exactly how you want.

Get started now and see how multiple task calendars can help you become more focused and productive.

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I love building products! And Python. And dark chocolate. When I'm not leading the team at GQueues, I can be found running ultras on the trails of the Rocky Mountains.

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