Link to Tasks and Focus Your Attention with the New Task Overview

Focus on what needs your attention and link to tasks with Task Overview.

Cameron Henneke
May 11, 2016
2 min

Today we're excited to launch another highly-requested feature in GQueues - viewing and linking to individual tasks with the new Task Overview.

The Task Overview lets you view and manage an individual task and its subtasks without the other tasks in the queue. It's accessible from regular queues, Smart Queues and search results, so you can focus on a specific task no matter where you are coming from. Change task properties, re-order subtasks and even show archived subtasks inline with this new view. You can also easily navigate up a level in your task hierarchy with the Up button, or jump to the containing queue by clicking the queue name.

The new Task Overview also means that every task has its own individual web address - so you can now easily link to a specific task if you want to reference it from another task.

Likewise, Google Calendar events on the web now also have a clickable link so you can quickly get to the associated task in GQueues.

Thanks to everyone who suggested these improvements on the forum, and we hope the new Task Overview makes organizing your work even easier!

About the author
Cameron Henneke

I love building products! And Python. And dark chocolate. When I'm not leading the team at GQueues, I can be found running ultras on the trails of the Rocky Mountains.

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