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Run your legal practice with ease - workflow checklists, centralized document management and custom tagging for cases and clients save time and reduce your stress while increasing your caseload - and your customer satisfaction!

Manage cases with confidence from a single source of truth

As a small or medium-sized legal firm, you work more closely with your clients, giving you a better understanding of all aspects of a case. Having a central, digital environment helps ensure your success, but you don't want the expense and hassles of complicated and challenging-to-use Legal Practice Management Software. You want a simple and elegant solution that gets you up and running quickly, and is adaptable and customizable to the way you run your legal practice.

The GQueues Legal Practice Solution provides the platform for you to take your legal practice into the modern environment of document, task, and workflow management; integrated email and calendar; and automated notifications. GQueues helps you get on top of everything from maintaining standard boilerplates and updating client records, to creating, assigning and managing your team's tasks!

Engage clients, keep cases on track, and manage your firm's operations

As a legal professional, you know instant access to all information on your clients and cases is critical. Every day you are faced with the huge challenges of managing existing clients, tracking and developing new leads, finding specific documentation associated with tasks, and assigning and managing tasks for yourself and others in your practice. And you know that quick response times to clients while having necessary information at your fingertips boosts client confidence and your reputation, resulting in those all-important referrals and repeat business.

Often small legal firms patch together multiple, disparate systems and processes, which quickly becomes overwhelming. To build a successful business, you need to have the right system integrated from the start - and GQueues ensures that your system will grow with you.

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What's in the box?

  • Powerful integration with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Drive gives you quick access to GQueues through your Google sign-on credentials. Once integrated with Google Workspace, you can create tasks in GQueues directly from any email in Gmail. You can also track tasks, subtasks and meetings in both GQueues and Google Calendar from either application with real-time, two-way syncing. In addition, GQueues includes a recurrence feature for a huge variety of repeating scenarios such as generating quarterly financials.
  • Preloaded, color-coded tags allow you to quickly categorize, prioritize, track and report on anything that is important to you such as the types of cases you have handled for each client, who referred them, and whether a task was billable. Customize your tag names and colors and add as many new tags as you want!
  • Built-in web and email alerts notify you in real-time when paperwork is completed, documents are modified, or due dates are approaching.
  • Powerful search functionality lets you quickly locate details on a specific case, intake paperwork for a new client, accountability charts, contact information, and just about anything else stored in the system.
  • Collaborative agendas eliminate the outdated and inefficient process of sending emails, texts or making phone calls to a meeting coordinator. With collaborative agendas, everyone can directly add to the list of items and see the updates in real-time!  The meeting organizer simply prioritizes accordingly - avoiding the extra work of re-entering information in another system.
  • Smart Queues provide meaningful information on clients, cases, other attorneys, outside service providers, referrals and more. Custom-tailor your Smart Queues to meet your needs, ensuring your team is organized and working on top priorities first. For example, show all clients who have been referred and by whom.

We provide the foundation, you make it your own

The GQueues Legal Practice Solution is an ideal foundation to build on so you can better manage your legal practice with powerful tools such as task management, real-time notifications, and integration with Google calendar, Gmail, and Google Drive.

Our intuitive, all-in-one, cloud-based solution is a completely customizable foundation that takes away distractions and modernizes and consolidates multiple old methods, allowing you to focus on your clients and cases!

Import and begin customizing your GQueues Legal Practice Solution to meet your specific needs today so your legal team never misses a beat!

GQueues delivers to legal practices

GQueues has been helping small and medium-size legal firms maintain and grow their businesses for almost a decade.

See how GQueues helped double the client base for Michael Martinovsky, Attorney at Law.

Michael Martinovsky
Michael Martinovsky
Attorney at Law
"GQueues has enabled us to take on twice as many cases as before...GQueues is so simple, anyone can use it. It does not have a high learning curve like other products."